Monday, 10 September 2012



This latest entry is to try and envisage what the forest Moorsfest looks like seen through the lyrics that I write, the above picture helps in some way imaging such a place.  Although Moorsfest is a lot more dense and tangled and much darker and difficult for people to navigate through, trolls and other forest creatures do not have this problem as they know all the ways around.  In the songs that I have written including Moorsfest, I have tried to put as much information regarding it.  To try and add depth in telling its history and all the battles and various sagas that have taken place there, also its occupants.  The trolls and goblins, elves, bears, owls, badgers, foxes.  All these play a part, although I must admit not all have been included.  However one can assume that these animals and birds would live in these habitats, although I do not like to assume!  Each song has told a separate tale about the place, and also at different points in its history.  Which I hope has been clear in it’s telling, what I have also tried to include is the solitude and silence of the place, which must be immensely beautiful.  To have just peace and just natural noises around, trolls pondering over the many things that vex them.  Hours spent deep in thought almost trance like, and at one with nature and their place within it.

The second part of this entry, is as the title says what do trolls do in the midnight sun?  As all of my stories and lyrics are set in a fictional place around The Arctic Circle, and I know that the sun does not set during the summer months.  So do trolls go into a form of hibernation?  Or is there something about the sun during this season that does not affect Trolls, I have only just became aware of this and thought it was worth mentioning.  It would kind of be like an around the other way type of hibernation, as opposed during the winter months it would be during the summer months.  Or maybe there is something about the sun under the canopy of the forest that doesn’t bother trolls too much; anyway something to think about as autumn descends…

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