Wednesday, 23 October 2013



The moon shone like torchlight, over a clear sky strewn with wispy cloud.  As the White Fox ran across it, under this vast canopy the earth.  Fresh fallen leaves upon the damp ground, below the dark cold still soil.  Solid rich old holding secrets, no frost this night a light breeze gently sways the trees.  Autumn time in the wilds, trolls nocturnal guarding the forest.  From the age-old foe upon the plain. 

Autumn things are slowing down as the year, rolls to its end.  The river flows slower.  As the year becomes dormant, and asleep.  The sun sleepily rises across the vast landscape; rays of light reach the forest casting a deep orange light into the dark silent forest.

The sun stretches further onto the plain, rich and varied colours as it casts its beams across the land.  The earth is becoming compressed, as winter approaches to the dark time…

Monday, 21 October 2013

Introduction about more stuff

Well it is nearly time to start work on Megrimmtroll`s next cd, due to a load of things going wrong with my computer.  This had been on hold for a while, first I have changed my name to Rasvaa Peikko used to be MgtrolL.  Am
However that is an abbreviation of Megrimmtroll`s, so I thought it was high
Time to change.  I feel that having a name similar to the band name is a little confusing, although I   have thought that they should be linked, as it is I.  I have reconsidered this, and it will not be the first time that I have changed my name.  Originally I was known as Violent Pissy Desakrator, A name given to whilst on an excavation.  This was then abbreviated to Desakrator, and then it was Grimmodhr.  So it is like evolving over time, but I will stick with Rasvaa Peikko! 

Well I have done some vocal recording of vocals to get things started, and to see how things sound.  As it has been a while since I last practised my vocals, using a Snowflake Blue mic.  It does give a good overall sound, so there is clearness to the production on things.  I was pleased with how things worked on the previous demo, with its rough edge and scratchy sound.  With I would like to have a clean sound, just to keep things varied, I will also record all sessions to keep a log of my progress as things go.  I have tried this with previous demos however they were videos. And it’s not the same as audio, which was what I wanted to do, after the first demo, which was a DVD.  I will start things in early November.

Monday, 10 June 2013

More Stuff


This discussion is going to look at death as an addition to the stories and lyrics that I have been talking about, in this blog over the last year or so.  I have realised that a death like figure has been missing from this fictional fantasy world of trolls, so I am going to look at its inclusion.  We have Laarg the wizard who is allied to the trolls and the other forest and mountain creatures, but an overall taker of life as not yet been placed.  This otherworldly being would be of a rustic nature cloaked in furs and ancient materials that make it look an old and ancient force in this world, who would be present here and there travelling the land and collecting.  It would not look like Death, as we know it, with the black cloak & skull face.   It will as a part of the earth with an ethereal sound slowly moving around, who is also an emissary between the two worlds communicating so not just a taker of life but knowledgeable as well spanning many epochs of time.  And would also be an allied with the trolls,  this character will be varied and not just about death.  So a little like shape changing beings that sort of thing.

Also have stumbled across a new riff for one of the songs I mentioned in my previous post, after a break from playing have got something to work on.  It is still very much in the development stage with regard to the music and lyrics, so this will be a long process as I have two more songs that need riffs too.  More on this as it progresses.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Old lyrics and other things

I did cover some of this in my previous blog, about a rewrite of an old song that is thirty odd years old.  Upon listening to the demo I really like the riff of the track, and yes I admit the lyrics did need some fleshing out of the subject, as the song itself was not saying much.  However looking back at my fourteen-year-old self, I thought I had written a good song.  I clearly had not, so… a rewrite was the best option, I have taken the spirit of the song and added more stories.  The setting is Medieval about a castle with dark secrets, which where not properly explored in the original.  The topics used here are murder and conspiracy, and a queen who waits to go to The Black Castle song title and the story unfolds.  I wanted to create
Something that appears mysterious and strange, but the ending and the leaves questions hanging so maybe other songs may be written.  It is away from what I normally write about but I just liked it and think it may work in a future release.

The other two songs dwell in the realms of trolls which has been discussed herein, the first accounts another battle between The trolls of Moorsfest and the men of Midvaard, I like these sort of songs were battle creeps up here and there, the second song tells of the frozen lands in the far north beyond The Räasvoarbörg mountains about the most northerly trolls who live on the frozen lands near the great lake Värll.  This part of the ancient lands has not been mentioned in great detail so it is good to be able to start to include them.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Quantum Physics and Music

Something got me on this train of thought; it was the film “Source Code”.  And the whole subject of quantum physics, and how this works.  What I want to discuss here is in relation to music, looking at theories and how to apply it to music.  Not just the motion of playing an instrument, although that is of interest but the idea of as Terry Pratchett puts it.  “The trousers of time”.  Which is what has made me think about this in relation to my own musical journey all these years, and what lead me to this type of music.  Not just writing and playing but my overall decision to play a very minimalist form of Black Metal, and I think this is were quantum comes in my choice of minimalism.  Say for instance if I had taken lessons or perhaps taught myself bass guitar would the outcome of what I have done over the last decade be different?  And what would I be like as a person due to such changes?  Its these pivotal choices that sets one off on all these odd expeditions in life or in this case a musical quest, I feel that even when playing and when things go wrong i.e. a bad note coming from a sudden scrambled thought process can upset part of a song.  So if my thoughts were more controlled a different end result may have been achieved… or maybe not can it be suggested that quantum physics effects everything we do?  It is like when the creative flow has somewhat dried up and one feels that there is no motion and nothing can done, it is not like I am still through out this period of inactivity but musically I am.  Picking up a pencil and re writing a song from over thirty years ago, which I have been doing these last few days.  So does this set quantum off again?  To pick up on something from long ago a song in fact that was originally recorded in 1981, its on tape and is stored but now I would like to tap into this again and to experiment with it.  Just to see what the outcome would be, it would seem the possibilities to theorise with this are endless.  Where will it end and to think there are musicians all over the world creating their own sounds in their own vacuum of creativity, experimenting with new ideas and the theory behind music and the need for it too! All this activity and motion of music at different tempos and styles, in this piece I am more over looking at Metal Music.  To keep it in the right ball park as it were. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Dawn over Moorsfest as Midsummer approaches, birds high in the trees sing many songs a deep and vast chorus emits.  A beautiful cacophony different species all-communicating as the sunrises, a fiery orange creeps over the land.  This time of year the trolls keep their activities to a low, but nonetheless they go about their business.  With the exception of Snø Troll who had largely retreated into himself and seldom ventured out from his lair, which was under an enormous Oak on the western side of the forest.  He was indeed becoming part of the earth, however it was heading towards the Midsummer festival.  Of which most trolls and other dwellers of the forest would part take in, the many shades of green amongst the many different varieties of trees that were in Moorsfest. Rich and vibrant everything was alive many sounds deep in the trees, at this time of year whereas in the winter the quite was of an equal beauty.  The warm summer air the smell of pollen and the wild fruit of the forest was in abundance, the trolls lived a rich life in this canopy of the trees.  The previous nights hunting had been successful a deer had been caught and was being prepared for the Midsummer feast, ale and mead had been brewed for this occasion the mead was clear and golden the ale dark.  This represented the turning of the year to the dark side.  Over on the plain the noise and filth of Midvaard permeated, the ongoing battle continued… Still life carried on with this band of ancient forest trolls.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Audio Versions it Has Been a Long Long Time


At long last I have finally been able to record some audio versions of my songs, it has been a long time coming.  Admittedly my first demo was intentionally a DVD release, after this the second demo should have been a CD.  However things did not go how I had intended, glitches and gremlins in my computer put the kiabosh on this so we had to rethink i.e. another DVD release.  This is also attributed to my lack of computer knowledge, however I was generally pleased with how the last demo went.  Things went how I had wanted them to go with regard to working with visuals, and believe I have taken this as far as I would like.  I would not like to be someone who just releases DVDS, I became determined to put out a CD this recording is pretty lo fi and was recorded on an mp3 player.  But the end result has turned out okay and everything is clear with regard to my vocals bass and drums, an earlier take was drenched by bass and could only just here my vocals and the drums were completely lost, due to volume I do like an archaic sounding bass crumbling and distorted but this was too loud.  Overall though this is in the right area of how I like the sound to be, so after many years I have managed to put a CD out.  Just some logistical stuff to sort out then we will release it.

The songs are The Dark of Midwinter & Aurora Borealis these are already out as video downloads, however I think audio versions of songs take on a different aspect to music.  So although these songs are not new they are in a different format, and would have been put out as a CD, which was the original intention.  Although War on Midvaard  & Urringår Troll will not be included as over time these songs just did not feel right.