Wednesday, 23 October 2013



The moon shone like torchlight, over a clear sky strewn with wispy cloud.  As the White Fox ran across it, under this vast canopy the earth.  Fresh fallen leaves upon the damp ground, below the dark cold still soil.  Solid rich old holding secrets, no frost this night a light breeze gently sways the trees.  Autumn time in the wilds, trolls nocturnal guarding the forest.  From the age-old foe upon the plain. 

Autumn things are slowing down as the year, rolls to its end.  The river flows slower.  As the year becomes dormant, and asleep.  The sun sleepily rises across the vast landscape; rays of light reach the forest casting a deep orange light into the dark silent forest.

The sun stretches further onto the plain, rich and varied colours as it casts its beams across the land.  The earth is becoming compressed, as winter approaches to the dark time…

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  1. #Note# the idea about The white fox was more of an introduction, to the poem and was not about The White Fox. it just seemed a good way to start things.