Sunday, 23 October 2011


As we are in this part of the year, I like to think about it more now.  It is my favourite time of year I enjoy the low sun and the light of this time of year, looking out over the heather it looks like a giant crumble stretched out before me rich colour golden browns on a vast and rugged landscape, I find it all inspiring from a song writing perspective although the muse is not upon me at the moment.  I am the sort of writer who needs ideas floating around my head for a few days before I can create stories, I cannot force ideas there has to be something there to start with,  I have one writer who said that this is a ruff Quote "the reason for writers block is that writers do not want to right anything bad" or words to that effect, and I have to agree.  Not that I am the best of writers but the process of writing lyrics is a nice thing to do and if I have ideas the autumn is a great time of year to do so.   I do like to play and record this time of the year.  There is something special about Autumn and recording especially with Folk Black Metal, the whole atmosphere I  feel is very good. My songs are coming along well at the moment I went through a bad patch of being in the woods but have come out playing much better,  The picture below has inspired some of my songs.  From and environmental point of view although I will in time to include more Troll Tales from this area

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This tells the story of Orn who was the troll wife of Uffwggsar, she came from The Raasvoarsberg Mountains.  She was very striking in her look tall with long brown hair, she had deep green eyes.  She was betrothed to Uffwggsar during a time of great conflict between the witches of the far western reaches of the mountains, Orn was not involved in battle her skills lied in spells and magicks.  She could produce strong intoxicating draughts and was very powerful with these gifts that she had procured over time,  she is around six hundred and fifty.  These spells have been used in battle between the folk of Midvaard,  this leaving them in a deep trance for a long time.  While the troll`s take down buildings to hinder Guthwyn and is men, she lives in Moorsfest with Uffwggsar in a cavernous dwelling below a massive Sitka.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


This is one of the forest troll`s who accompanied Glorsorn on his many battles against Midvaard, He is one of the elder troll`s in these tales Uffwggsar.  Lived on the western edge of the great forest Moorsfest, he was very strong and fearsome and fought in many battles over hundreds of years.  He is aged roughly at about nine hundred, He had long flaming red hair like the setting sun.  With him at all times he carried two immense hammers that were made by the great blacksmith Grimmodhrtroll, in the cavernous mountain smithies.  He was tall with a long snout and tail and piercing dark brown eyes, as well as fighting alongside Glorsorn he lead many campaigns himself.  Some from minor skirmishes to major battles fought on the plains south of The Raasvoarsberg mountains,  when not in war he lives in relative seclusion, occasionally meets with other troll`s and Glorsorn for seasonal festivals.  He hunts with great skill and is an excellent archer as well,  he lives with Orn his troll wife.  Who comes from the far north east range of Raasvoarsberg.

The setting sun and the snowy trees, help reflect the images in the stories that I am trying to tell.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Troll`s playing guitars

I would like to talk about the whole thing of playing Folk Black Metal, when I am playing my songs I become the character MgtrolL in developing my vocals and to playing my bass.  I find that I must be completely focused on the music and lyrics, so that I am MgtrolL the music is trying to describe something otherworldly.  So getting the right pitch for performing must be right, it takes quite a lot to sing and play like this!  The world is one of fiction so it is good to let go and be absorbed in the story telling, massive old forests, and ancient lands and troll`s.  It takes a long time to get the music to a level that I am happy with.  As dexterity when playing his hindered by my clumsiness, so I have to really work at this constantly.  Being dyslexic is part of it  when playing even though the song structure is very simplistic it still takes time to get it right.  Also editing songs and music to make sure it is of a quality that I am happy with.

The whole thing with troll`s I find this such a excellent form of subject matter for discussion, it is great to write about such things.  I like the process of creating this world with its fantastical characters,creating the geography and the landscape to make it all more believable.  I am still in the process of working on this.  Which is good as it is an evolving process that I shall work over time, other character and story lines will appear Which will in turn help write new songs and music.