Friday, 21 December 2012

Dark Time


Soft snow was falling from a windless sky, over the magical ancient forest of Moorsfest.  It made it look like a mountain range, as the old trees where bearing down under the weight of the snow, it looked beautiful almost as if the trees were sleeping.  Deep within the forest there was a silence, as troll`s and other forest inhabitants went about their nocturnal business.  Urringår was out hunting with a group of eager troll`s she was skilled in hunting and warfare, but this time her prey was of a different kind.  She led the way through many well-worn tracks in pursuit of her catch.  This was for the Midwinter Solstice feast that would be held in the lair of Glørson where much mead & ale would be drunk as part of the feasting, the snow still fell overhead however the troll`s did not notice under the dark canopy of tree cover.  To the north the mountains of Räasvoarbörg could not be seen as heavy large flakes fell from the dark brooding sky, that was still and solid looking.  Along the plain travelled Gloomy Glum Troll our historian and emissary to the wizards of the mountains, he waded through deep powdery snow on a well-worn route that only he knew.  These counsels held mainly with Laarg discussed many things and dealings in their lands, on he trudged as snow covered him his hair long wet across his face.  This did not bother him he was strong and could walk for extremely long periods of time, his woven cloak white and heavy with snow.  After many hours the snow began to ease and stop falling, as time went on the weighted clouds parted onto a clear sky pendulous and deep.  A bright moon shone down upon the winter landscape, hoarfrost began to form glittering and sparkling like tiny fairy lights.  Up overhead the aurora began emerge haunting as it gently wavered above soft green and blue light dancing in the fathomless sky…


This has happened quite unplanned I have been working on new versions of Aurora Borealis & The Dark of Midwinter, it is unclear whether or not that this will be released or not.  If so it will be put out sometime in the future, these songs are available as a download at the moment.  However it was my intention to put them out as a DVD release, during the time when I was originally working on these tracks a lot of time had elapsed so I decided to just put them out as a download.  This seemed to be the best option, however I am unfortunately prone to change my mind after thinking about this for a time, made the decision to redo two of the songs.  Once again I have been working with paintings I have done and wood, which is hoped to create a backdrop and to illustrate the message that is being conveyed with the songs.  These versions are very raw and distorted, I have mucked about with the controls on my amp to give it that old decaying sound and I pleased with the results so far.   And finally as it is midwinter Onnellinen Sydäntalven Seisaus

NOTE# This was intended to be a more researched based piece however I decided to just write s short piece of a glimpse into the stories I am telling in my songs, and in this instant it is midwinter so just some general ideas of what this time of year would be like in the ancient lands of Moorsfest.  My original idea was to look at midwinter celebrations in Anglo Saxon & Finnish contexts, but I thought something of my own would work better.  As this is one aspect of my interests, if I had added these themes it might confuse things best keep different veins of interest separate.  As my songs are all works of fiction.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Troll`s & Autumn

We shall start this entry with this “Star Snot” this was believed to be from meteors flying through space, and the debris that falls off.  If I remember correctly, this is also incorrect as it turns out that it is the remains of what foxes cannot digest. 
 However to get my own folkloric spin on things and as I wish it to be, evidence of troll`s or what I would term a troll simply blowing his or her nose.  When they are going about their nocturnal business, I can imagine this happening.  Under a clear night sky in winter time these giant creatures in their natural surroundings among forests and mountains, I have thought about this for sometime and have wanted to add these ideas to my whole belief in troll`s.
 So again trying to add such as it is some fictional evidence, as my stories & lyrics are set in a fictional past.  But I feel it is good to look at something tangible, that gives the tales some form of clout and weight and helps conjure up what this all may look like.  As I guess if asked different people would give a different description of what troll`s look like, and how for instance someone reading this would imagine a troll.  Its like the stories and what folk see when reading lyric sheets, and where their imagination takes them on a visual journey through someone else’s mind.
  I have the same thoughts when I read other peoples lyrics or books, and how I interpret things, which makes story telling a lot of fun.  The place I have been creating is very vivid in my own mind and the characters, and this is something I have tried to be consistent in every song or story written.  So that it fits as all the tales interact with one another and there are connections between the folk in the stories.

Autumn is my favourite time of year frost low sun, and a rash of wonderful colour and light.  All very inspiring browns, coppers, reds, and oranges are all present within the landscape.  Giving such a rich and unique look frosts and snow add something magical too, glittering light sparkles across a winter landscape.  Once again these are all things that help to inspire me, and at the moment being outdoors is really good.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

More Troll Tales

Cold air hangs on the edge of the forest Moorsfest, were the trees begin to thin and the younger saplings nearly buried in the new fallen snow.   The moon shines upon the land a glaring white light, the snow glitters under it immenseness.  It looks magical the snow covered earth, as Urringår guides the forest boundaries.  She carries with her a hammer and an axe made in the smithies of Räasvoarbörg by Grimmodhr Troll, from long ago.  Our troll was big and strong a warrior of high regard among the forest folk, her flame red hair and piercing black eyes always alert.  Watched and took in what surrounded her, her gaze turned to Midvaard the ugly rowdy settlement of King Guthwyn.  The inn was busy full of noise and its cacophony could be heard far and wide, across what had been a silent place during nighttime.  Urringår looked upon it was disdain and contempt.  She watched the place looking at it until it became just a distant blurred noise, it would seem no nocturnal attacks were going to occur this night.  The folk of Midvaard were drinking!  Toward the vast mountains in the north Räasvoarbörg, little green flickers began to appear like candle light.  Slowly it started to rise expanding and twisting a majestic site recoiling green and blue moving above in space, lighting up the deep pendulous sky and the snowy land below.   Its unending beauty spellbound our troll; she stood transfixed watching and communicating with it and all the time learning from the aurora.  It guided the trolls and the other forest folk and Laarg too all linked with it in the wheel of nature.

#Note# the spelling of Räasvoarbörg is an improvement on its original, it reads better and feels that it fits in with the nature of what is trying to be achieved with these stories and lyrics.

Monday, 17 September 2012


Glørson sat on the mossy earthy undergrowth of the forest floor, sharp rays of light shone through gaps in amongst the dense tree cover.  Bright white it looked almost supernatural, and one expected some being to be present.  But not our troll who sat peacefully, eating honey from a nearby bee’s nest.  Thick golden clear liquid he ate with massive rough hands, with earthy ragged bread.  The honey had caught in his beard this he did not mind as he ate, the sound of the bees droned around him.  It was almost starting to hypnotize him the distant hum of bees going about their business, as he looked deep into the trees darkening and mysterious who knew what this troll saw?  Glørson knew his place here in the ancient forest Moorsfest; this was the place he was borne.  Even though forlorn as it was the forest was a dwindling place, but here in the very centre of all things the trolls regarded as paramount to their very being.  The trees were a form of natural architecture and also they lived beneath and amongst the trees, thinking and wondering of the mysteries of their world.  This clan of trolls spent many hours at counsel, sifting through every fine piece of this place in understanding the magic of nature.  This was no ordinary magic this was part of being, and using skills that were learnt over many hundreds of years.  Applying this knowledge to everything they did in equal measure, and this written in the vast history of the forest trolls.  It chartered how there language had evolved the various kings, and disputes, not all where with the folk of Midvaard.   These books were kept in vast archives underground, written on parchment and bound in leather.  Opulent and carefully scribed by Gloomy Glum Troll as Glørson was not a historian, very sharp and shrewd but not in the way Gloomy Glum was.  This environment was what the trolls were, every measure of what the trolls did related directly to the forest.  In all their philosophies this kept the equilibrium of nature in balance, the trees kept the trolls and the trolls kept the trees.  Time was spent between hunting, and many of the trolls hunted skilled in their craft.  Urringår she was a very good archer and a great warrior too, although there had been much conflict between King Guthwyn.  These were not always ongoing, and where more sporadic in nature.  This of course angered the trolls although things were far from harmonious between the two! 

#Note# the spelling of Glørson is an improvement on its original spelling “son” works better than “sorn” as in the style and setting of the stories.  Also the spelling of Midvaard is now only spelt with one I, as these stories are evolving one feels that this works better with the general flow of things. Trolls eating honey may sound odd but this is what got this part of the story started, and I liked the idea of a troll eating honey in a forest setting. Imaging the feeling of being alone in such a setting conjuring up the imagery for a dense forest, and the sound of bees.

Monday, 10 September 2012



This latest entry is to try and envisage what the forest Moorsfest looks like seen through the lyrics that I write, the above picture helps in some way imaging such a place.  Although Moorsfest is a lot more dense and tangled and much darker and difficult for people to navigate through, trolls and other forest creatures do not have this problem as they know all the ways around.  In the songs that I have written including Moorsfest, I have tried to put as much information regarding it.  To try and add depth in telling its history and all the battles and various sagas that have taken place there, also its occupants.  The trolls and goblins, elves, bears, owls, badgers, foxes.  All these play a part, although I must admit not all have been included.  However one can assume that these animals and birds would live in these habitats, although I do not like to assume!  Each song has told a separate tale about the place, and also at different points in its history.  Which I hope has been clear in it’s telling, what I have also tried to include is the solitude and silence of the place, which must be immensely beautiful.  To have just peace and just natural noises around, trolls pondering over the many things that vex them.  Hours spent deep in thought almost trance like, and at one with nature and their place within it.

The second part of this entry, is as the title says what do trolls do in the midnight sun?  As all of my stories and lyrics are set in a fictional place around The Arctic Circle, and I know that the sun does not set during the summer months.  So do trolls go into a form of hibernation?  Or is there something about the sun during this season that does not affect Trolls, I have only just became aware of this and thought it was worth mentioning.  It would kind of be like an around the other way type of hibernation, as opposed during the winter months it would be during the summer months.  Or maybe there is something about the sun under the canopy of the forest that doesn’t bother trolls too much; anyway something to think about as autumn descends…

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Nine years ago whilst working in Cumbria, I used to take my dog for a walk on an evening.  I would take a route down the windy road down to a gate climb over and wander over open fields with established Hedgerows.  A nice wander might see the odd one or two folk milling about but that was about it, after a few weeks of doing this walk.  I noticed something a tad strange a plastic milk carton tied up in the hedgerow, it had been burnt at the top and had a piece of black cord with a silver object.  That I could not make out as it was quite high up, but at this point I found it rather unnerving!  Was it some kind of occult group?  This just seemed strange who had put this here and most importantly why?  After this I did no longer walk this route, and to this day I have always wondered what it meant and the reason behind this.

Could there be a lyrical theme here?  Going off on an odd kilter, with my usual lyrical topics.  It could be something esoteric and Dark searching dark avenues of wonder, However I am on Hiatus and do not like to stray to far from my song interests, it may lead to much of an eclectic mix of themes.  It would have to be another project but I am not looking to form anything new.  Megrimmtroll is dormant!!!

I wonder why people do these things, is it to get folk like me guessing? Or is there something more that I have not pondered.  Another thing, which happened around twenty years or more ago, was whilst walking to the pub.  With a mate we where walking down the road, that forked off to a single-track road.  It was nighttime and dark as it was autumn as I recall, all of a sudden we heard really loud footfalls thundering through the trees and undergrowth.  We did not stay to see what it was and ran; our imaginations got the better of us.  We thought it could have been a giant beast or a maniac, again I find myself wondering what would have happened if we had stayed to see what it was?  And again lyrical ideas spring to my, I guess the creative process never stops…

*note photo is not from either places described above*

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Well now that I have released Megrimmtroll`s second demo, and have been pleased with the end result.  It took six months to get things right and at a stage where I believed them to be good enough to record, but now that is done I have come to a creative halt. 

So I think some form of hiatus is in order, to recharge the creative batteries as it were.  I think it would be good to work with someone else, to try and push the envelope out a bit.  It is good to work alone, but feel it might be a good idea to collaborate I am not sure though.  But I am thinking about it at least, I am largely pleased with what I have done so letting things stay dormant for a time maybe the way to go!  As I have learnt in my forty-five years of being on this planet, never say never.

Because I know what will happen six months down the line smack bang wallop, I have a new song.  This happened to me with Charcoal Daeth in December 2007 thought it was all over, as I stood outside Dalston Post Office clasping in my paw two packages and thinking this is it farewell and tatty bye.  However two demos later and finally its all over… Then came Megrimmtroll.

I have explored the troll’s cave in every dark corner wandered along dark earthy and stony corridors, talking as I go and always wondering what is going to happen next!  Blazing fires all aglow the deep rumblings of trolls talking in some mysterious language like I have never heard before, as I listen in there is much to be written and discussed in this age old cavernous labyrinth …

Thursday, 2 August 2012


So I have finally got round to recording two new songs, this has been brought forward.  The original plan was to record in December, as I like this time of year.  When recording I have done a number of songs at this time of year, the whole thing of Midwinter and black metal is just a generally good time.  However I felt that I was ready to record, I did not see the point in waiting until the end of the year.  Because I believe that I might go off the boil a bit, so I think that striking while the iron is hot was the best option.  I had made some minor changes to Of Soil & Old Magic’s of the Earth, at the end of the song.  The Outro is slightly altered from how I originally had written it, used some drums that I had recorded in 2009.  As I have quite a lot of Bodhran on tape, its quite uncomplicated I play the tape and play my bass over the top.  This particular drumming I used was played with drumsticks not the little stick that came with my Bodhran, it gives a different sound and think it adds a little variation.  
Watching Trolls Sleep I added some outdoor recording of the wind blowing and birds singing, I feel that it brings about the whole feeling of nature.  As sometimes I do play outside and these sounds are included, so again it brings something else to the music.
On this release I worked with pictures something I did on the track, Grymmuurh the Grave Mountain Troll.  I have used a painting I did from several years ago and some drawings and a throw to look like a backdrop to create something theatrical, like a stage set well that’s the general idea.

MgtrolL 2nd August 2012 Full Moon

Saturday, 14 July 2012



A while ago I had a brief discussion of the existence of Troll`s and a suggestion, that there could be similarities between troll`s and Neanderthals.  From what I have learned myself about Neanderthals they have largely been misinterpreted by people outside of academe, I think the same can be said about troll`s!  Often labelled as brutish creatures of low intelligence, which I believe to be wrong. You only have to look at stone tool assemblages to see that a fairly sophisticated tradition was in use.  these are creatures who live among natural habitats using what they need.  And being part of nature unlike humans who act above nature, and take unnecessarily. 
Im my own stories of Trolls they are protecting the forests from the unprecedented attack from people on their ancient homelands, they simply want to be left alone without interference from folk.  What is it with the human trait of interfering with what does not concern them?  Trolls lead a holistic natural way of life, I think Neanderthals may have been similar.  When the first Homo Sapiens appeared they seem to be more aggressive than their counter parts who have been suggested were more docile, this has also been suggested why Homo Sapiens endured being more cunning.  Although not as robust and strong, they adapted to a changing environment that Neanderthals appeared to have not.  This is were I think it becomes really interesting, was their warfare between the two groups?  Obviously it would be difficult to interpret, and would go down the subjective route of discussion. And there may be many ambiguities in looking at sites, where both groups were present.   My main question is were Neanderthals wrongly explained, and they were in fact Trolls?  Clive Gamble talks about the folk traditions of Yetis and Almas, why not then the tradition of trolls? After all the tales of trolls goes back a long way in Scandinavian folklore, Terry Pratchett mentioned “What makes us human” this was in discussion about Xmas and our human need to believe things of otherness.  So with tales of fantastical creatures and beasts there must be some truth in them?  I feel that there is a desire to relay stories about otherworldly creatures, is it just our imagination that takes us off to another place with these tales.  I feel there must be some basis of truth through a vague oral tradition that trolls did at some stage exist, and with more scientific research there may have been an evolutionary strain that was the troll.  In Johanna Sinisalo book “Not Before Sundown” mentions an interesting point, “Because of their great outward resemblance to humans or apes, trolls were originally mistaken for close relatives of the hominids; but further study has demonstrated that the case is one of convergent evolution”
So could there be different types of trolls over time, as they are believed to be long-lived creatures?  From the stories I have read reveal an almost reclusive type of creature, and that they live in remote areas away from humans.  And their numbers of populations would be small if they did walk this earth; in scattered groups in the remote parts of the earth, I would like to believe that this is so.  Maybe through anecdotal or oral histories more can be revealed, or perhaps archaeological evidence may become apparent in the future. I think smaller groups would fit this model especially if they do live among us today, they would have characteristics that would surely vary between trolls? In their behaviour within these groups and how they behave amongst one another, I wonder if in all the stories whether this can be deciphered? I find this whole phenomenon fascinating I just hope and believe that there is some truth in the things I have discussed above.
One last point I would like to make is the collection of folk tales. Asbjørnsen Moe collected stories in the nineteenth century, but what lies before this?  From the depths of time is there something more tangible evidence from these oral traditions; we also have The Kalevala that Elias Lönnrot who collected this story from various parts of Finland, which has a very long oral tradition.  With all these folktales I believe that there must be something that has a physical past.  Through the murk of time, and that these stories in certain contexts did exist in some sense of a real past.


Clive Gamble The Peopling of Europe 700, 000-40,000 Years Before Present. The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe Ed Barry Cunnliffe. Oxford University Press 1994

Johanna Sinisalo, Not Before Sundown. Peter Owen London 2010

Norwegian Folktales Selected From The Collection of Peter Christen Asbjørnsen And Jørgen Moe Pantheon Books New York.

Oxford World Classics The Kalevala An Epic Poem After Oral Tradition By Elias Lönnrot, Translated By Keith Bosley.  Oxford University Press 2008

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Gloomy Glum Troll was sat on a grassy mound, in the forest Moorsfest.  Dark dark the sounds of the birds, song in the treetop.  Creatures treading amongst the forest floor, bears, foxes, deer and goblins. 
The winds above blows cold and wild, as the immense Sitka sway and are lulled into a deep sleep by the wind.  They look serene as they are blown everyway; the wind wails our troll wonders deep about all the things of the forest.  His ancient home of which he was borne, the forest dense unfathomable.  Like nature itself quietly growing evolving in its own epoch, Owls watch and observe deep in its majestic otherness. 
Gloomy Glum Troll waits and wonders too his long dark hair deep green eyes, shrewdly watching time knowing his place within the trees.  He wielded much strange and esoteric magic, which he drew from the earth itself.  These were drawn from the roots of the trees, the soil the birds that Gloomy Glum Troll knew.  All things of the forest interacted with one another, it was ancient a part of being it was in the minds of them forever.
Our troll would often look up at the Aurora and exchange knowledge, its serene wandering light.  The way it moved, it had a sound like a choral choir up in the nocturnal sky.  The Aurora was connected to all things; its display of wondrous colour glowed back and forth.
This part of the woodland had Fir, Sitka, however the further reaches had giant Oak & Birch and elm.  Mighty trees that our troll was familiar with, from many ages ago he sought knowledge from all trees and other forest folk.  They were allied with goblins that were cunning and sharp!  And the elves who were wise, he had many counsels with the elves and all the troubles with the folk of Midvaard and King Guthwyn a horrid greedy man.  A rowdy horde that had caused much unrest with the folk of the forest, a terrible war had plagued the woodland trolls and other forest dwellers. 
Pledges had been made between Moorsfest & Midvaard but Guthwyn had broken all these, so many bloody battles had been fought.  Night raids laying traps and casting spells, to stop the men from felling trees.  As Midvaard grew the forest begin to shrink!
At the time of midwinter the earth was dormant and asleep, the quiet was surreal just a light wind blew over the trees.  All that could be heard was the clanking of hammers as the folk of Midvaard worked on, this angered the trolls no end it drove them mad.  They would retreat to their underground lairs beneath the roots of the trees, among the dark archaic earth with the glowing golden light of a fire.
  Our troll was largely solitary although he would sit in on counsels, but these just angered him as he knew that Guthwyn would not for any period of time stop felling trees, so Gloomy Glum would become more angry by this.  He had written a lot of the histories of this world down threw the ages, and had included the dark years with the arrival of men.  How their homelands had changed so drastically, and all these age-old trees had gone forever.  It was a forlorn place at the ever-dwindling forest, where tree stumps were the only memory.  This saddened Gloomy Glum, he had visited Laarg the wizard who lived in the North East Region of the Raasvoarsberg Mountains.  This was a number of the wizards dwelt in remote corners of the earth, delving deep into the understandings of the world in which they lived. 
Our troll gathered up his large ceramic vessel, that was decorated with runes telling the history of their world and set off to visit the wizard.  He set off at a pace cloaked under a canopy of stars an enriched deep blue sky dark, he climbed many hills wandered through many valleys lined with massive fir trees that looked like cloaked emissaries.  His vessel that he carried contained a magical draught that would help tell Laarg the stories of what had been happening, it was a very mysterious thing but this is how things worked in here.
  This they called reading the earth seeing what was happening now and also reading the past, through memory. 
Laarg could read the skies and the Aurora in the same way that Gloomy Glum could read the earth, both had a point were these magic’s would converge.  So they could understand what direction to take and to sort out the unending strife with Guthwyn and his people, who seemed to have no empathy with their natural surroundings. 
  So on our troll wandered through the vast mountain range, staring ominously as he passed towering jagged rock faces.  Carved out by might glaciers long ago, but there before him was Laargs Tower.  Ornate vast and grand an opulent building carved out of the stone, here enters our troll… 

Saturday, 7 July 2012



Over in the distance lies an ancient forest, of oak Sitka.  Dark & grim quiet and still this place my tomb for eternity, on the forest floor rotting down with the earth and beasts feed upon me.

The moon is full shrouded by the mists its power above me a majestic force that draws me on, ancient and mysterious as the forest below.  The mist carries me along to my earthen grave; the silence is eerie in this nocturnal time.

Entering the forest for the last time, the mist lays me down hanging over me like a solitary ghost.  A menacing guard until dawn when im taken forever.


In Mordor surrounded by mountains, disguised as dark emissaries of hate and a poisonous malice that seeps through the blackened   foul air that hangs stolid and stifled.  Here in this place of grim evil, the ring of power was made by the hand of sauron.   Forged in Ghâsh forged in hate and to take the world into darkness, in his tower of Barad durr he waits the time when the ring is brought unto him.  So the tightening grip of power can be taken to him, and all his vengeance will be released upon the earth.
Out of Mordor march armies of orcs clad in armour and chain mail, thousands march out of the blackness they come vicious and bellicose as he who awaits in his lair, to take form an immense struggle for power on both sides of middle earth let the light prevail over Mordor, land of starkness treacherous and barren a fetid place, emitting legions of evil forces that stretch far and wide a dense pulse of utter bleakness lies imminent if the dark force endures.

Originally written in 2003 with amendments on 12th August 2009


Twisted and contorted they seek solace in nocturnal bliss, coming from the depths of sleep and idle slumber.  A lustful desire to drink the warm blood of their victims, blackened sunken eyes bloodshot and bulging as they sink yellow gnashing fangs into soft flesh of their captives.  Long black hair matted with the stale cold odour of blood.

If caught by light brings about their demise and death, guiless gurgling screams as they shrink and expire, the thin skin broken, ripped and burning as the body jolts.  Burning on coal longing for the solitude of a coffin shrouded in silk and oak in the catacombs away from its destroyer

By Megrimmtroll 20th January 2003 with amendments 12th August 2009


They ride into the valley on horses from a distant land, the warriors hold on the crest of a hill.  Black clouds hang grim like crows in this dark density of aggression.  The rainfalls from the death like sky upon them, the war horns are sounded they charge forth.

Their enemy wait stood still like stone tyrants, with swords and shields.  The first strikes are made, in the blackness of harsh aggression.  Swords clash the roar of battle, as the warriors grip on its enemy tightens.  Blood flows like a sea of misery, in the valley as the battle goes on dissecting their foe, which has plagued the warriors for aeons.

The aftermath of warfare leaves blood strewn carcasses they are triumphant, the mountains are silent witnesses to this battle.  They look on in silence knowing the warriors have risen above their torment, and can rein their lands evermore.

By Megrimmtroll 22/9/03 with amendments 1/6/2005  


Through many lands and long ago, he tarried seeking knowledge of the earth below his feet.  What strange wonders did it hold?  His tale begins, from legends long ago.  Wandering deep his quest unfolds…

Upon the mountains to seek knowledge speaking with and listening to their wisdom, snow covered giant ogres.  Steeped in mystery they are the keepers of this dark wonder.

Further on he wandered to the forests, many discussions with twisted archaic trees.  An eerie atmosphere in the forest, moss leaves & creatures all his trusted companions.  He worked many magicks, he learnt from the trees that taught him.  Always listening understanding their true majestic might, preserving their legacy.

Always wondering deeper searching, Låårg his face in thought a long grey beard long silver hair and woven robes that covered him, he would sit entwined with his surroundings, green dark and shades of black alluring and mysterious.  He wrote these old magicks on scrolls of parchment, his understanding of nature preserved forever.  He alone holds the key the learned friend of the forest mountains, trolls, reindeer, birds, and bears, and rivers this stewardship betrothed to him.

By Megrimmtroll 24th February 2009 with amendments August 31st 2009


Alone on the mountainside, always alone on the mountainside.  Grymmuurh the chieftain troll, borne of rock and stone.  Raasvøarsberg the mountain his fortress of solitude, Grymmuurh’s long black hair hung over his menacing face, as he gazed into the valley below.

Alone alone on the mountainside the mountain troll, always alone on the mountainside.  The wind his companion, an eerie ethereal sound blows for eternity.  Under the stars, the moon it glows bright like a sentient ghost.

Alone forever alone, on the mountainside gazing upon Moorsfest.  The ancient forest twisted archaic trees, deeply rooted in the earth.  Old as time venerable and gracious, Grymmuurh had known the trees from a dark and long time ago.  Talking in their ancient mysterious language.

Hidden in a labyrinth of his making, he carved great halls under Raasvøarsberg.  Fires light them up majestic magical and esoteric, Grymmuurh’s fortress he would sit on his stone carved throne.  His goblet always full of frothing beer.

Alone alone on the mountainside the mountain troll, always alone upon the mountainside the great and fierce mountain troll

Written by Megrimmtroll 26th & 27th November 2009


(Spoken word)

From aeons ago borne out of the earth of rock and stone, from the mountains from what times tells us the vast range known in the old speech as Raasvøarsberg.  Hear begins our saga; of Grymmuurh an immense mountain troll.  Strong and courageous, with a vast knowledge of this age-old earth of which he was borne. 
There many conflicts that were settled with bloody violence, with men ogres some of these disputes agreed with pledges of silver.  Sometimes gold which was sought in the great river Sathryyn.
A nearby farmer called Guthwyn a greedy scheming man of great wealth, who has accused Grymmuurh of stealing his flock.  This was met with such indignant disbelief, as the trolls knew Guthwyn to be both devious and cunning.
It was agreed that with witnesses they should meet at the edge of the darkening forest Moorsfest.  When Guthwyn spoke venomous lies dripped from his mouth like a sickening poison, and his horde of cronies jeered.
Grymmuurh spoke enough of your trickery and deceit, be gone back to your farm he bellowed.  With this Guthwyn goaded the trolls, a grave mistake on the part of Guthwyn.
Suddenly Grymmuurh lunged forward with great force, Guthwyn cowered and fell onto the frosty muddy ground.  Squirming and grovelling and begging for his life, the troll loomed over him his long black hair masking his face.  His fathomless eyes wise and venerable pierced into Guthwyn dread was upon his face, Grymmuurh let out a menacing growl with this Guthwyn and his men fled in terror never to be seen again.
Miidvaard his longhouse was burnt to the ground, it is believed that Guthwyn went east were many evil men dwelt.  The blackened remains of his hall still stand, the cold grey light as snow began to fall softly over the land.
Grymmuurh returned to Raasvoarsberg with his clan of trolls.
Much was discussed that night, about the problem of men and their trickery and deceit.  War could be one way of dealing with piped up Rythaan, herd them out!  No we must not go down the path of war said Grymmuurh, we must use other methods war becomes eternal and unending.  We have been here since the beginning of time, before trees and other living things including men he said with disdain.
With this through the cold snowy night came Laarg a wandering soothsayer, wise and sagely he was friend with all natural things and he knew the trolls from long ago he himself was not a man but something otherworldly.  He was welcomed by Grymmuurh more beer was consumed, Laarg talked at length it was betrothed that counsel would be held.  Throughout the northern lands and this feud would be settled, over much time and many counsels agreements and pledges were made and peace was made once more.  Throughout this golden magical land of course other troubles would come but for now Grymmuurh and his trolls were free to roam and wander their mountain lands for many long years.

Written by Megrimmtroll 13th & 14th November 2009


In the darkening depths of Moorsfest, the ancient forest shades of green darken as night descends.  The trolls of the forest wake from their slumber, as the sun sets a blaze of orange glow.

Fires are lit in their underground lairs, beneath the roots of the trees.  Golden light emblazons the might of their archaic home, old mythic carvings adorn this woodland throne.

Glørsorn the chieftain troll head of his woodland tribe, powerful and venerable, his fellow trolls set out one midwinter’s night.  A Neptune sky the northern lights dance a mysterious green shimmer, an eerie beauty.  Fathomless the trolls march on.

To Miidvaard to tear this place down, men who took from the forest without permission.  From its ancient keepers the thieves, will pay for the needless error.  The trolls begin to plunder…

6th April 2010 Last Quarter by Megrimmtroll


By Megrimmtroll

Throughout the valley vast with sharp mountains, black and ominous.  Lies the old forest of Moorsfest.  As the sun sets across the land orange glowing red, about a deepening blue sky it disappears.  In the forest darkening green into black, age-old trees stand stoic and beautiful.  The trolls begin to stir, immense individuals of great strength and courage.  Glørsorn and his troll wife Urringår had lived for hundreds of years, in peace quietly going about their lives.  Hunting, story telling, and the brewing of Troll Beer.  Living among this dense forest meeting with other trolls, and exchanging stories and tales.  Of late whispers and mutterings heard the advancement of men cutting down trees to build their long houses and their churches, this displeased the trolls immensely!  Their ancient kingly realm being taken and encroached upon.  The trolls were not foolish and were aware of the wrong doing of men, disrupting the noble ancient forest and all that lived in it.  Glørsorn had called a counsel among his fellow trolls, in his lair beneath the trees and their mighty roots; his dwelling was ornate and regal.  Intricate carvings and old writings adorned the walls lit by golden fire; they sat in a circle their pointy ears shrewd and sharp.  With their long hair and tails, huge they were but quietly spoken, the trolls were beginning to form a plan to trick the people!  Some mischief, which the trolls always enjoyed, war would be a last resort but the men angered the trolls!  With they’re stealing of age-old trees to build their church and longhouses. 
Glørsorn decided this and Uffwggsår who was revered troll on the western side of Moorsfest, this was pledged with tokens of silver put in by each member of the troll counsel.  The vessel for this was an intricate carved bowl with interwoven designs, and scribed by the ancient order of troll lore.  Urringår took the vessel to its place, which was kept among other objects used for settling disputes.  Upon nightfall the trolls would go to the southeastern fringes of the forest, hide all the timber that the men has pilfered.  Knock anything that had been built, it was known by the trolls that the men left the area when darkness fell.  Going back to their homes in Miidvaard, to the north west of the forest.  The night was cold; up above the moon shone radiant this gave the trolls a guiding light.  They marched on purposefully through the dense cover of trees it was silent except the foot fall of the trolls, above in the night sky the northern lights flickered and danced across this Midwinter night.  Sentient green lights weaved like an ancient spirit an eerie light but a stark beauty of natural wonder, this wonderful spectacle.  Onwards the trolls went the trees in this part of the forest, were immense Sitka and further to the north were silver birch, and Rowan grew ancient trees wise nearly as old as the earth itself.  Glørsorn lead the way armed with a massive hammer made in the depths of the smithies, in the mountains of Raasvoarsberg.  An old stream ran through the route that the trolls took; it was quite wide and deep this lead the way to Miidvaard.  After quite a long time the land began to open out onto more open ground with fewer trees, and here they saw the buildings the people had been building.  Enraged by this terrible site Glørsorn and Uffwygsår and the other trolls began to decimate everything that was in their way, timbers were cracked and splintered trampling on the stolen wood leaving Miidvaard demolished and their church in ruin!  The men had not asked permission from the trolls to take wood, these were ancient trees and the trolls were the keepers of the forest and had no right to fell trees in Moorsfest.
Satisfied Glørsorn let out a great chuckle, then in a gruff voice “that should put them off for a while, we have had dealings with men before.  A don’t mind if they behave but this lot haven’t”.  So they went back to their forest home, following the same route they had taken.  Upon their return oak casks of beer were opened, to greet the trolls.  They drank deep into the night, as the fire burned bright in the hearth a glowing warm glow.

The men of Miidvaard upon seeing the destruction of their settlement, enraged they where one of them a greedy ugly man called Guthwyn and scheming too wanted revenge, they thought it maybe the trolls who Guthwyn did not like because Grimmodhr a mountain troll had had disputes with Guthwyn previously. 
Guthwyn was a callous man who did not understand the trolls and other living creatures of the forest and could not understand the ways of nature!  So Guthwyn gathered his men to seek those who had destroyed their church and other dwellings, they set off at once.  Guthwyn and his men did not understand the ancient lore of the woods or its inhabitants, the way of the trees goblins, trolls, wolves and even people who dwelled in the forest all harmoniously!  However not men like Guthwyn the forest was quite and still and the odd shafts of light here and there through the trees.
His men plundered on not knowing where they were going.  They quickly became disoriented and were hopefully lost, getting tired all the forest dwellers would not help Guthwyn and his men.  They had no respect for the trees and would cut a way through this angered the forest, but over a number of weeks one by one the men fell and died through exhaustion.  It shows that you should pay respect to nature and all its creatures, Glørsorn and his tribe of trolls were free to live among the forest without interference from wrong doers.

6th September 2010


The earth snow covered, it glitters under the moon.  A silver spectral glow, silence reigns the cold night.  The winds blows above a mesmerising sound, a magical beauty of nature.  Frost forms on the trees on the hardened bark.

The Dark of Midwinter, a land of frost and snow.
The Dark of Midwinter, of old tales of yore.
The Dark of Midwinter, the heart of the earth.

Upon the sky The Northern Lights, swirl and dance immense and Voluminous green and blue glaring, strange and enchanting.   Its wonder never ending, stark glimmers over a Midwinter shy.

The Dark of Midwinter, a land of frost and snow.
The Dark of Midwinter, of old tales of yore.
The Dark of Midwinter, the heart of the earth.

Trolls wander below enchanted by the magic of the solar winds, the low light of daybreak.  The sun across grassland moors, golden colours radiate.  The ice-cold north wind blows on forming a ghost from the whirling snow.

The Dark of Midwinter, a land of frost and snow.
The Dark of Midwinter, of old tales of yore.
The Dark of Midwinter, the heart of the earth.

By Megrimmtroll, 1st October 2010.  Last Quarter


This is the tale of Urringår troll of the forest Moorsfest, she waged war against the men folk of the south.

Her anger at the destruction of the old forest, she played many tricks on these infidels.  Who had left vast tracts of the forest bereft and barren.  This harnessed her hate of the men, and lead them to their demise.

Urringår`s saga is legend throughout the arctic lands, upon dark nights virulently destroying Christian mens villages. 

With her ancient hammer made under the mountains of Raasvoarsberg, forged steel by the hand of Grimmødhr troll.  Ancient carvings of runes upon its ivory handle.
Urringår troll would wander far and wide, under the Midwinter curtain of the Northern Lights.  Red eerie flickers and mysterious green shroud and swirl overhead an illustrious vision of ancient wonder.  The wind accompanies this sentient  force while Urringår plunders below.

By Megrimmtroll 7th November 2010

The snow covers the earth, of frozen arctic lands.  Trolls wayed through the snow intent, the moon shines through the frozen fog.  An eerie light as green shimmering lights radiate overhead.

Trolls angered by men folk and their destruction, wanton and arrogant Glørsorn a menacing troll.  Fierce black long hair sways with silver nose rings, he leads the way filled with blackened rage armed with clubs and hammers.

Torn trees lie dead, to build men folks church.  Glørsorn knew all the trees of the forest Moorsfest, upon approaching Miidvaard the trolls look upon it with disdain.  They hold silent the sound of heavy feet on frozen snow, the trolls render Miidvaard to the ground in splinters!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Seeing as I have talked about inspiration of music and lyrics via Beer,  I have pondered the question what does music taste of?  This is something that has been with me for a very long time.  Being into Metal I do wonder why I have such thoughts,  this stems back from reading reviews of bands in Kerrang, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer.  The descriptions of how albums are reviewed has always reminded me of food.
In how the writer discusses the content of a bands CD, this may have come from the fact that I may have been having lunch at the time.  So over the years a food orientated slant has become apparent in my thoughts about music,  but I do believe that music and food are synonymous with one another in many cultures throughout the world.
 So this could be just and under lying theme with me on a personal level, my own music to my ears has  a cake taste to it, Dark fruit cake with Rum or Brandy in the ingredients.  It is the sound of the bass and my vocals that make me think of this,  although it is not food but peat burning on an open fire smells like pipe smoke.  However looks like Dark Rich Cake, so even with things that are not food have a food feeling about them regarding music.
 I once read a review in Terrorizer that ended by saying "A full packed sandwich without the cheese" which I think adds weight to my discussion, within this context.  So on the subject of bread and music I have often thought of sandwich`s when reading reviews.  So when you are next listening so some Metal pause for a while and wonder of what it might taste like.......  If it where food that is!

Friday, 29 June 2012


This is something I have been thinking about over the last few days, can creative prowess be found after Beer?  Personally I think not, I cannot say that in all the years I have been writing lyrics and music.  Have I ever found the muse upon me,  however I guess it is different for all writers.  Yes Beer is great as a recreational pursuit, but this Troll does not wish to be in an alcoholic haze.  Especially where writing songs is concerned,  I feel that a clear mind it is what is needed when writing.  That way ideas can be stored temporarily until it is time to start the writing process, although I am not the most methodical of writers or musician.  I do feel I have better results when not drinking, Beer is a reward after playing not during!

  I did once record one demo under the influence of Beer, I have not done it since.  A series of mistakes and errors occurred and lead to a messy demo, we did manage to salvage songs good enough to release but it is something I haven`t done it since.  So sobriety is the order of things.

Saturday, 31 March 2012


The new unamed song is coming along, I am getting used to playing the riff and have also written more of the story.  I am at the stage were im thinking is worth breaking away from the story and just write the lyrics?  I see though that there is no rush as the song will be shelved for a future release, I do like a long gestation period of writing songs, my reasons for posting today is that the origins of what we are and where we are from.  That whole rooted thing and in this case that of the trolls that I have been writing about over the the last two years, the main theme has been the trolls and other beings protecting their ancient homelands that are being plagued by humans.  The earth is what they are they are part of it and it is part of them, and the trolls know their place and their history in all that they do.  I try to convey this in the songs something that has evolved over time and that is ancient, in the context of Gloomy Glum Troll who draws magics from the earth taking what he needs to make these draughts that have been crafted over long periods of time, in this song I hope to put as much information as possible to put across the meaning of how this world works among the trolls and their allies.  How they use the resources that are around them, so it looks like it could be a long song but it is still very much in the primary stages of development.  I do tend to edit as songs progresses.
 It will be interesting to see how all this evovles over the next few months.