Friday, 29 June 2012


This is something I have been thinking about over the last few days, can creative prowess be found after Beer?  Personally I think not, I cannot say that in all the years I have been writing lyrics and music.  Have I ever found the muse upon me,  however I guess it is different for all writers.  Yes Beer is great as a recreational pursuit, but this Troll does not wish to be in an alcoholic haze.  Especially where writing songs is concerned,  I feel that a clear mind it is what is needed when writing.  That way ideas can be stored temporarily until it is time to start the writing process, although I am not the most methodical of writers or musician.  I do feel I have better results when not drinking, Beer is a reward after playing not during!

  I did once record one demo under the influence of Beer, I have not done it since.  A series of mistakes and errors occurred and lead to a messy demo, we did manage to salvage songs good enough to release but it is something I haven`t done it since.  So sobriety is the order of things.

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