Sunday, 1 July 2012


Seeing as I have talked about inspiration of music and lyrics via Beer,  I have pondered the question what does music taste of?  This is something that has been with me for a very long time.  Being into Metal I do wonder why I have such thoughts,  this stems back from reading reviews of bands in Kerrang, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer.  The descriptions of how albums are reviewed has always reminded me of food.
In how the writer discusses the content of a bands CD, this may have come from the fact that I may have been having lunch at the time.  So over the years a food orientated slant has become apparent in my thoughts about music,  but I do believe that music and food are synonymous with one another in many cultures throughout the world.
 So this could be just and under lying theme with me on a personal level, my own music to my ears has  a cake taste to it, Dark fruit cake with Rum or Brandy in the ingredients.  It is the sound of the bass and my vocals that make me think of this,  although it is not food but peat burning on an open fire smells like pipe smoke.  However looks like Dark Rich Cake, so even with things that are not food have a food feeling about them regarding music.
 I once read a review in Terrorizer that ended by saying "A full packed sandwich without the cheese" which I think adds weight to my discussion, within this context.  So on the subject of bread and music I have often thought of sandwich`s when reading reviews.  So when you are next listening so some Metal pause for a while and wonder of what it might taste like.......  If it where food that is!

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