Sunday, 8 July 2012


Gloomy Glum Troll was sat on a grassy mound, in the forest Moorsfest.  Dark dark the sounds of the birds, song in the treetop.  Creatures treading amongst the forest floor, bears, foxes, deer and goblins. 
The winds above blows cold and wild, as the immense Sitka sway and are lulled into a deep sleep by the wind.  They look serene as they are blown everyway; the wind wails our troll wonders deep about all the things of the forest.  His ancient home of which he was borne, the forest dense unfathomable.  Like nature itself quietly growing evolving in its own epoch, Owls watch and observe deep in its majestic otherness. 
Gloomy Glum Troll waits and wonders too his long dark hair deep green eyes, shrewdly watching time knowing his place within the trees.  He wielded much strange and esoteric magic, which he drew from the earth itself.  These were drawn from the roots of the trees, the soil the birds that Gloomy Glum Troll knew.  All things of the forest interacted with one another, it was ancient a part of being it was in the minds of them forever.
Our troll would often look up at the Aurora and exchange knowledge, its serene wandering light.  The way it moved, it had a sound like a choral choir up in the nocturnal sky.  The Aurora was connected to all things; its display of wondrous colour glowed back and forth.
This part of the woodland had Fir, Sitka, however the further reaches had giant Oak & Birch and elm.  Mighty trees that our troll was familiar with, from many ages ago he sought knowledge from all trees and other forest folk.  They were allied with goblins that were cunning and sharp!  And the elves who were wise, he had many counsels with the elves and all the troubles with the folk of Midvaard and King Guthwyn a horrid greedy man.  A rowdy horde that had caused much unrest with the folk of the forest, a terrible war had plagued the woodland trolls and other forest dwellers. 
Pledges had been made between Moorsfest & Midvaard but Guthwyn had broken all these, so many bloody battles had been fought.  Night raids laying traps and casting spells, to stop the men from felling trees.  As Midvaard grew the forest begin to shrink!
At the time of midwinter the earth was dormant and asleep, the quiet was surreal just a light wind blew over the trees.  All that could be heard was the clanking of hammers as the folk of Midvaard worked on, this angered the trolls no end it drove them mad.  They would retreat to their underground lairs beneath the roots of the trees, among the dark archaic earth with the glowing golden light of a fire.
  Our troll was largely solitary although he would sit in on counsels, but these just angered him as he knew that Guthwyn would not for any period of time stop felling trees, so Gloomy Glum would become more angry by this.  He had written a lot of the histories of this world down threw the ages, and had included the dark years with the arrival of men.  How their homelands had changed so drastically, and all these age-old trees had gone forever.  It was a forlorn place at the ever-dwindling forest, where tree stumps were the only memory.  This saddened Gloomy Glum, he had visited Laarg the wizard who lived in the North East Region of the Raasvoarsberg Mountains.  This was a number of the wizards dwelt in remote corners of the earth, delving deep into the understandings of the world in which they lived. 
Our troll gathered up his large ceramic vessel, that was decorated with runes telling the history of their world and set off to visit the wizard.  He set off at a pace cloaked under a canopy of stars an enriched deep blue sky dark, he climbed many hills wandered through many valleys lined with massive fir trees that looked like cloaked emissaries.  His vessel that he carried contained a magical draught that would help tell Laarg the stories of what had been happening, it was a very mysterious thing but this is how things worked in here.
  This they called reading the earth seeing what was happening now and also reading the past, through memory. 
Laarg could read the skies and the Aurora in the same way that Gloomy Glum could read the earth, both had a point were these magic’s would converge.  So they could understand what direction to take and to sort out the unending strife with Guthwyn and his people, who seemed to have no empathy with their natural surroundings. 
  So on our troll wandered through the vast mountain range, staring ominously as he passed towering jagged rock faces.  Carved out by might glaciers long ago, but there before him was Laargs Tower.  Ornate vast and grand an opulent building carved out of the stone, here enters our troll… 

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