Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Nine years ago whilst working in Cumbria, I used to take my dog for a walk on an evening.  I would take a route down the windy road down to a gate climb over and wander over open fields with established Hedgerows.  A nice wander might see the odd one or two folk milling about but that was about it, after a few weeks of doing this walk.  I noticed something a tad strange a plastic milk carton tied up in the hedgerow, it had been burnt at the top and had a piece of black cord with a silver object.  That I could not make out as it was quite high up, but at this point I found it rather unnerving!  Was it some kind of occult group?  This just seemed strange who had put this here and most importantly why?  After this I did no longer walk this route, and to this day I have always wondered what it meant and the reason behind this.

Could there be a lyrical theme here?  Going off on an odd kilter, with my usual lyrical topics.  It could be something esoteric and Dark searching dark avenues of wonder, However I am on Hiatus and do not like to stray to far from my song interests, it may lead to much of an eclectic mix of themes.  It would have to be another project but I am not looking to form anything new.  Megrimmtroll is dormant!!!

I wonder why people do these things, is it to get folk like me guessing? Or is there something more that I have not pondered.  Another thing, which happened around twenty years or more ago, was whilst walking to the pub.  With a mate we where walking down the road, that forked off to a single-track road.  It was nighttime and dark as it was autumn as I recall, all of a sudden we heard really loud footfalls thundering through the trees and undergrowth.  We did not stay to see what it was and ran; our imaginations got the better of us.  We thought it could have been a giant beast or a maniac, again I find myself wondering what would have happened if we had stayed to see what it was?  And again lyrical ideas spring to my, I guess the creative process never stops…

*note photo is not from either places described above*

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Well now that I have released Megrimmtroll`s second demo, and have been pleased with the end result.  It took six months to get things right and at a stage where I believed them to be good enough to record, but now that is done I have come to a creative halt. 

So I think some form of hiatus is in order, to recharge the creative batteries as it were.  I think it would be good to work with someone else, to try and push the envelope out a bit.  It is good to work alone, but feel it might be a good idea to collaborate I am not sure though.  But I am thinking about it at least, I am largely pleased with what I have done so letting things stay dormant for a time maybe the way to go!  As I have learnt in my forty-five years of being on this planet, never say never.

Because I know what will happen six months down the line smack bang wallop, I have a new song.  This happened to me with Charcoal Daeth in December 2007 thought it was all over, as I stood outside Dalston Post Office clasping in my paw two packages and thinking this is it farewell and tatty bye.  However two demos later and finally its all over… Then came Megrimmtroll.

I have explored the troll’s cave in every dark corner wandered along dark earthy and stony corridors, talking as I go and always wondering what is going to happen next!  Blazing fires all aglow the deep rumblings of trolls talking in some mysterious language like I have never heard before, as I listen in there is much to be written and discussed in this age old cavernous labyrinth …

Thursday, 2 August 2012


So I have finally got round to recording two new songs, this has been brought forward.  The original plan was to record in December, as I like this time of year.  When recording I have done a number of songs at this time of year, the whole thing of Midwinter and black metal is just a generally good time.  However I felt that I was ready to record, I did not see the point in waiting until the end of the year.  Because I believe that I might go off the boil a bit, so I think that striking while the iron is hot was the best option.  I had made some minor changes to Of Soil & Old Magic’s of the Earth, at the end of the song.  The Outro is slightly altered from how I originally had written it, used some drums that I had recorded in 2009.  As I have quite a lot of Bodhran on tape, its quite uncomplicated I play the tape and play my bass over the top.  This particular drumming I used was played with drumsticks not the little stick that came with my Bodhran, it gives a different sound and think it adds a little variation.  
Watching Trolls Sleep I added some outdoor recording of the wind blowing and birds singing, I feel that it brings about the whole feeling of nature.  As sometimes I do play outside and these sounds are included, so again it brings something else to the music.
On this release I worked with pictures something I did on the track, Grymmuurh the Grave Mountain Troll.  I have used a painting I did from several years ago and some drawings and a throw to look like a backdrop to create something theatrical, like a stage set well that’s the general idea.

MgtrolL 2nd August 2012 Full Moon