Sunday, 19 August 2012


Well now that I have released Megrimmtroll`s second demo, and have been pleased with the end result.  It took six months to get things right and at a stage where I believed them to be good enough to record, but now that is done I have come to a creative halt. 

So I think some form of hiatus is in order, to recharge the creative batteries as it were.  I think it would be good to work with someone else, to try and push the envelope out a bit.  It is good to work alone, but feel it might be a good idea to collaborate I am not sure though.  But I am thinking about it at least, I am largely pleased with what I have done so letting things stay dormant for a time maybe the way to go!  As I have learnt in my forty-five years of being on this planet, never say never.

Because I know what will happen six months down the line smack bang wallop, I have a new song.  This happened to me with Charcoal Daeth in December 2007 thought it was all over, as I stood outside Dalston Post Office clasping in my paw two packages and thinking this is it farewell and tatty bye.  However two demos later and finally its all over… Then came Megrimmtroll.

I have explored the troll’s cave in every dark corner wandered along dark earthy and stony corridors, talking as I go and always wondering what is going to happen next!  Blazing fires all aglow the deep rumblings of trolls talking in some mysterious language like I have never heard before, as I listen in there is much to be written and discussed in this age old cavernous labyrinth …

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