Thursday, 2 August 2012


So I have finally got round to recording two new songs, this has been brought forward.  The original plan was to record in December, as I like this time of year.  When recording I have done a number of songs at this time of year, the whole thing of Midwinter and black metal is just a generally good time.  However I felt that I was ready to record, I did not see the point in waiting until the end of the year.  Because I believe that I might go off the boil a bit, so I think that striking while the iron is hot was the best option.  I had made some minor changes to Of Soil & Old Magic’s of the Earth, at the end of the song.  The Outro is slightly altered from how I originally had written it, used some drums that I had recorded in 2009.  As I have quite a lot of Bodhran on tape, its quite uncomplicated I play the tape and play my bass over the top.  This particular drumming I used was played with drumsticks not the little stick that came with my Bodhran, it gives a different sound and think it adds a little variation.  
Watching Trolls Sleep I added some outdoor recording of the wind blowing and birds singing, I feel that it brings about the whole feeling of nature.  As sometimes I do play outside and these sounds are included, so again it brings something else to the music.
On this release I worked with pictures something I did on the track, Grymmuurh the Grave Mountain Troll.  I have used a painting I did from several years ago and some drawings and a throw to look like a backdrop to create something theatrical, like a stage set well that’s the general idea.

MgtrolL 2nd August 2012 Full Moon

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