Friday, 30 September 2011


A long long time ago lived a troll right on the edge of the great forest Moorsfest; it looked out northwards to the mountain range Raasvoarsberg.  Off in the distance the mountains had a mysterious blue look to them ominous but also beautiful, the troll’s name was Snø troll as he was born in the depths of winter long ago.  It is believed roughly eight hundred years ago, from what tales of these regions could tell.  He dwelt underneath roots of vast pines that shot up into the sky, his home was cavernous with many rooms he was a fairly big troll so he needed the room.  He preferred his own company and did not like the interference of others especially people!  Snø troll would wander deep into the forest hunting wild boar and other creatures and spend time talking to the trees as he went about his business, he had long black matted hair a large snout. And large pointy ears of which he had great hearing. Massive hands that he had used to make his home, and a long tail that was furry too, he wore a rough woollen cloak of dark colours and a long woven tunic with intricate designs with runes written into them about times of old.
Snø troll had seen many changes in his long life down in the valley at a place called Midvaard, were the men of the south stayed.  Things for the most part had been harmonious mainly because the people were not aware of his existence, the odd man or woman had been scared to death by the troll’s bark on occasion but that was about it.  However what saddened him the most was all the trees that had been cut down to build the village of Midvaard.  Its ominous stave church that appeared to dominate the landscape and its dreaded ringing bells that chimed out each day, and all the small houses that made up the settlement.  These trees had been known to Snø troll age old trees with gnarly bark and fathomless roots lost forever to build mans church, when the troll felt exceptionally melancholic about this he would wander further into the forest.  To think deeply about the misgivings of the folk of Midvaard, and talk to the trees about all the needless loss this took him a long time as these discussions went back a long way almost out of memory.  Not for the Sitka spruce or the Oak or for that matter the troll, nearby was a large lake of deep green looking water overhanging on its shore were many trees.  The water was deep and cool many creatures lived here and some known to Snø troll, it was tranquil and peaceful here no people he would on occasion meet other troll’s and debate the problem of the men folk.  The troll’s had not forgot the time before the people arrived and how peaceful it had been, there had been uprisings the troll’s had stormed Midvaard to rid the valley and forest of men folk.  This had not been fruitful as the people still stayed, they would sit quietly and remember the old times when it was their world alone.  Looking up into the night sky and gaze at the stars with a deep pendulous blue and not have to engage in nocturnal attacks and being pushed further into the forest, and in winter look at the alluring Northern Lights. The wonder of this magical site all the forest dwellers would look up awe struck with the display of the haunting green lights above. This could still be done of course but with the knowledge that folk were around, they also hunted in the forest taking more than they needed.  They were greedy and loud!  Although some of them never made it back to their village, as the troll’s and the trees would trick them so that they would get hopelessly lost.  One particular day two brothers met a grizzly end arrogant they were and eager for hunting, they made so much noise it was surprise that they caught anything.  Their names were Odd & Tulla they praised themselves on how clever they were in their hunting prowess and would boast about their escapades, this particular day they had caught more than their share of things.  Greedy men they were, loud and boisterous laughing and joking as they went.  It was just before dawn and Snø troll had been hunting himself and seeing old troll friends of his, he walked along a well-worn track that he knew.  He could here Odd & Tulla long before he saw them, around a large tree stood the men frozen to the spot.  The troll loomed over them his eyes penetrated into them, the troll stood over them Odd & Tulla speechless their bragging had dissipated and looked fearful horror struck they dropped their catch and ran howling Snø troll let out a large chuckle to himself frightening people was fun!  This was a little strange as a lot of men that the troll had encountered were often confrontational, and would try and goad the troll but he was to smart and wise for such foolishness. He was surprised by their actions he had seen these two men before causing an awful disturbance were ever they went.   So off he went back to his home, there was a warm glow still in the hearth a golden orange, he put a couple more logs on the fire and retreated to his chamber and bed which was carved out of the roots of the trees.  There were runes scribed into them telling stories of long ago with the wandering soothsayer Laarg, whom he had known for ages and ages. Laarg would come threw at least once a year and spend time with the troll, and inform him of all the goings on in the mountains of Raasvoarsberg.  Grimmodhr Troll was a fierce troll he had the knowledge of metallurgy and made hammers and swords, an known for his skill in this lore.  His furnaces burned bright in his cave under the great mountains, he had mined deep into the very depths of the earth.  His hammers and swords were beautiful and splendid and held in high regard among the folk of this age-old land, of trolls and goblins and wizards.   Snø troll knew him but slept on in a deep sleep and dreamt of older times before the people came, when he could just here the sounds of the forest and the birds singing on the plain all in harmony with nature.  Long before the felling of ancient trees and diminishing the forest boundaries, it was a constant battle between men and the trolls of the forest.  He awoke at dusk the forest was settling down and its nocturnal creatures were beginning to stir, and he could see the setting sun away in the west a melting orange sphere.  Into a deepening Neptune sky.  Owls could be heard overhead, in the highest trees as darkness was upon the woods.  A light wind stirred the trees blowing gently, with the quick passing of time everything became gloomy and blackened and shapes blurred.  Our troll surfaced and still a little puzzled by the reaction of Odd and Tulla, it was not their usual behaviour.  So Snø Troll began to descend further in a long walk to the falls and the hear The Fossegrimen play his haunting laments on the violin, the troll could listen for hours as he played it would help him think.  Pondering among his many thoughts he knew something was going on, so he pondered on this for hours.   As the violin played on and the murk from the waters permeated around, as time went on battles between the men and trolls and other woodland creatures.  Over long periods of time more of the forest was destroyed by the folk of Midvaard and other areas that became populated, the age-old forest was heavily denuded and its inhabitants were forced back further in to what remained of Moorsfest.  Some of the trolls and goblins went to the mountains, owls and other birds all fled as the ancient trees were torn down.  A bereft time and our troll remaining saddened by what he saw over hundreds of years, of persecution and war now well over a millennia later here he still dwells.  Looking down on the modern town of Midvaard, with its streetlights and cars and noise and still the stave church with its steep spire.  An Snøtroll retreat back to his home ever changing by mans interference.  All the stories were gradually being forgotten, our troll remembered them.  The melancholy that now filled him was overwhelming, and his home always moving and gradually growing more still with time.  Still upon dark nights in midwinter gazing at the Aurora Borealis, its flowing light of wonderful colours majestically haunting above.  However the desire for Snøtroll to plunder the town of Midvaard were sadly gone, he would go by quietly on his way along the dwindling forest path.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Here are some more songs from my previous project, but have used two of the songs as they fit the subject matter with which is being sung about.  The first song The Wandering Soothsayer of Outlandish Boots, is a precursor to Laarg`s character.  This song was recorded but never released.



Through many lands and long ago,he tarried seeking knowledge of the earth below his feet.  What strange wonders did it hold?  His tale begins from legends long ago, wandering his quest unfolds.

Upon the mountains to seek wisdom of nature, speaking with and listening of their ancient place snow covered giant ogres.  Steeped in mystery they are keepers of this dark wonder.

Further on he strolled to the forests, many discussions with archaic trees.  An eerie atmosphere in the forest, moss leaves and creatures.  He worked many unfathomable magicks, he learned from the trees.  Which taught him, always listening understanding their true majestic might. Preserving their legacy.

Always wondering deeper searching, his face always in thought a long gray beard long silver hair.  woven robes that covered him he would sit entwined with his surroundings, green dark brown and shades of black.  Alluring and mysterious, he wrote these old secrets on scrolls of parchment.  with his understanding of nature and what its meaning is he alone holds the key, the learned friend of the forest, mountains and trolls, and bears and rivers this stewardship betrothed to him.


Enshrined in mystery, the forest old and grim.  Solid as the earth that holds it in its ancient place.  Oak trees covered this land gnarled ripped and old, rooted menacing grim and proud.  Praised in antiquity when nomadic tribes roamed free living amongst this dense forest.

Holding sagas of yore, upon nightfall the moon emblazoned upon the blackened sky.  The trees illuminated in majestic wonder, stark pure and real but what secrets belie?

But aeons since this esoteric magical time humanity has turned its back on the forest.  It stands bereft and its secrets lost, the trees turn to misanthropy and hatred to mankind. Silent they are, a malevolent force black the time has come into darkness


They ride into the valley on horses from a distant land, the warriors hold on the crest of a hill.  Black clouds hang grim like crows in this dark density of aggression.  The rainfalls from the death like sky upon them, the war horns are sounded they charge forth.

Their enemy waits stood still like stone tyrants, with swords and shields.  The first strikes are made in the blackness of harsh aggression, swords clack the roar of battle.  As the warriors grip on its enemy tightens, blood flows like a sea of misery.  In the valley as the battle goes on dissecting their foe, which has plagued the warriors for aeons.

The aftermath of warfare leaves blood strewn carcasses they are triumphant, the mountains are silent witnesses to this battle they look on in silence knowing they have risen above their torment and can reign their lands evermore.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The meaning of my name Megrimmtroll

I cam up with the name Megrimmtroll when forming this current project, Megrim is a type of fish.  There are also legends of sea trolls, so I thought this was a good idea Grimm with extra M  comes from my old name Grimmodhr which means Grim Moor from another story that I wrote,  set in the distant past but is not included in any of the songs here.  I was going to use Megrimmwitch However I feel more trolllish and that is were my interests lie in folkloric trolls so I went for Megrimmtroll which I think sounds much better,after all I am a troll  The lyrics are all set in the past.  In a magical world of fantastical creatures, it is trying to capture something from the past as if uncovering something from an excavation.  All my songs are written in a Metal context with that imagery in mind but at the same time I am trying to convey a form of folk tales with a history, between these characters that I have created.

Thank you MgtrolL Autumn Equinox 23rd September 2011

The Tale of the Mountain Troll

This is the full version of this song, I have decided to include all of it in its entirety.  Although this was not included in the recorded version.

Alone on the mountain side, always alone on the mountain side.  Grymmuurh the chieftain troll, borne of rock and stone his fortress the mountain Raasvoarsberg.  He would gaze down upon the valley, where Moorsfest the darkening forest.  Trolls, Goblins, and Wolves hear them upon night fall their cacophonous song.

 Grymmuurh`s long black hair hung over his enormous face, hate in his heart towards man.  An ancient rage within him solitude to be away from the men who plague him Midvaard the timber framed long house a place of evil plotting men, Guthwyn a weak man.

Alone alone on the mountain side the fell troll, always alone on the mountain side.  Solitude the wind his companion, an eerie ethereal sound blows for eternity.  Under the stars and the moon, it glows bright like a sentient ghost. 

Alone forever alone on the mountain side, gazing upon Moorsfest the ancient forest.  Twisted archaic trees deeply rooted in the earth old as time venerable and gracious, Grymmuurh knew the trees talking in their ancient and mysterious language. 

Hidden in a labyrinth of his making, he carved great halls under Raasvoarsberg.  Fires light them up majestic magical.  Grymmuurh`s fortress he would sit on his stone carved throne his goblet always full of troll beer.  Alone alone on the mountain side, the great and fierce mountain troll.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Tale of Grymmuurh the grave mountain troll

This was a spoken word song with music, I did different versions using growly vocals and clean vocals.

From aeons ago borne out of rock and stone, from the mountains from what time tells us the vast range known as Raasvoarsberg.  Hear begins the saga of Grymmuurh an immense mountain troll, strong and powerful and with a vast knowledge of this age old earth of which he was born. 

 There were many conflicts that were settled with bloody violence between men and the trolls, some of these disputes were settled with pledges of silver sought the near the River Sathriin, a nearby farmer called Guthwyn.  Who accused Grymmuurh of stealing his flock, this was met with such indignant disbelief as Grymmuurh`s clan knew Guthwyn to be scheming and devious.  It was agreed that with witnesses they should meet at the edge of the darkening forest Moorsfest  As Guthwyn spoke the sickening lies dripped from his greedy mouth and his cronies jeered, Grymmuurh spoke "enough of your trickery and deceit begone back to your farm"!.  With this Guthwyn cunning goaded the troll, Suddenly Grymmuurh lunged forward with great force.  Guthwyn cowered and fell onto the frozen muddy ground, Squirming and grovelling.  The troll loomed over him his long hair masking his face.  his fathomless eyes wise venerable pierced onto Guthwyn`s, dread was upon him our troll let out a menacing growl, with this Guthwyn fled in terror never to be seen again.   His long house burnt to the ground no trace of him it is believed he went east.  Grymmuurh returned to the mountain with his clan of trolls.

 Much was discussed that night about the problem of men, and their trickery and deceit.  And the constant strife, "war could be one way of dealing with this" said Rythviin, "herd them out"!  "No we must not go that way using their methods" said Grymmuurh we have been here since the very start of all things before the trees and other living things. 

 With this through the cold snowy night came Laarg a wandering soothsayer, wise and sagely.  He was welcomed by the trolls more beer was consumed Laarg talked at length about the way of things, it was betrothed that counsel would be held through out the northern lands to settle this feud.

 Over much time and many counsels pledges were made and for the time peace was restored throughout the lands.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


This is one of the earliest stories I wrote, when first starting writing songs.  Some of the spellings are different from later drafts.

 From long ago a soothsayer came through time out of memory, Ageless and timeless he brought with him great knowledge, of nature tales of Trolls, Bears, and birds and the vast mountains and trees.  Walking along a well trodden path, he knew well nearly as old as the earth itself.  Ancient trees surrounded him towering above him, deeply rooted giants.  They swayed in a gathering wind he began to speak in a esoteric magical language, that was not known to any man.  He spoke softly and long they would answer in their deep old voices, above the wind spoke its own language.  A haunting chant that could be heard all around sightless and strange, this Laarg knew well he could stand for hours listening and breathing with the winds eerie chants.  Later on many miles into a widening valley at the foot of a voluminous mountain range known in the old speech as Raasvoardberg, lived the troll`s borne out of rock itself.  The chieftain of this group was known as Megrymmoorh a large individual of immense strength and courage.

Out of this short piece I have managed to expand and create songs, although some of the names are different it has given me a good starting point to work from.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Saga of The Forest trolls

This is the lyrics to one of my songs, to give some idea of the message and ideas I am trying to convey with my songs thank you.

In the darkening depths of  moorsfest the ancient forest, shades of green deepen as night descends the trolls of the forest wake from their slumber, as the sun sets a blaze of orange glow.  Fires are lit in their underground layers beneath the roots of the trees, golden light emblazones the might of their archaic home.

Old mythic carvings adorne this woodland throne, Glorson the chieftain troll head of this woodland clan.  Powerful and venerable, his fellow troll`s set out one Midwinter`s night a neptune sky the northern lights twist a mysterious green shimmer, and eerie beauty the troll`s march on.

To Midvaard to ransack this place from men who took from the forest without permission from its ancient keepers, the thieves will pay for their needless error, the troll`s begin to plunder

By MgtrolL 6th April 2010

Aurora Borealis

Last Night we had a very good display of the northern lights, it was a clear night with the moon up.  Then we saw the magical green trail of light, I stood captivated by its wonder and managed to get some photos too I felt very trollish whilst watching it, it gives me more inspiration for songs actually seeing it myself. This one is the one that I left without doctoring on the computer, every time I see it is awesome a wonderful natural phenomena

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Raasvoarsberg Mountains

RAASVOARSBERG MOUNTAINS,  This vast mountain range lies to the northern most point of the earth.  It runs runs along from east to west for approximately four hundred miles.  Its highest peaks are around nine thousand metres,  it is a blackened rock that was carved out during the ice age massive glaciers scoured the earth and formed these voluminous mountains.  To the far north of them is the great north ocean, a vast icy land that no one inhabits.  The sea is frozen for most of the year, it is sparsely populated with troll`s and in the far north east corner a group of witches which have not been written about.  And the wizards of which Laarg is the most well known, throughout these ranges most of this mountain range has been explored by the mountain troll`s and Laarg there are some areas that little is known of.
GRYMMUURH TROLL,  He is another mountain troll, who had many disputes with the men of Midvaard.  One person in particular a man known as Guthwyn.  He was scheming and devious this story is from the early period of the tales of this world, Grymmuurh was accused of stealing Guthwyn`s sheep one cold winter`s day Grymmuurh approaches Guthwyn to settle this dispute, of which the troll was not guilty.  He met with Guthwyn and his men on the edge of Midvaard, Grymmuurh had brought along some of his trolls, a fight broke out and Guthwyn and his men fled in terror.  Never to be seen again, legend has it that he went east and Grymmuurh burnt the long house to the ground, so that the men would learn to respect the ways of troll`s and other mountain and forest creatures.  Midvaard was rebuilt later on were many more battles were fought.
New song is working out well at the moment, have made changes to lyrics and music.  I find song writing a continual evolution.
I want to explain some of the characters that are portrayed in my songs and stories, starting with URRINGAR TROLL.  She is one of the forest trolls, however she does range far and wide around the country, she has a hammer that was made under the mountains of Raasvoarsberg.  By Grimmodhr Troll its handle made of ivory with intricate carvings of runes telling stories of long ago,  She is immense and has been involved in many battles throughout this world and is around five hundred years old.  I have set this world to appear around the Iron Age into  the Dark Ages, to give  a loose timeline.

GLORSON, He is the chieftain troll of the forest Moorsfest, he lives under ground beneath the roots of an ancient Sitka it is cavernous with old carvings on the roots telling his history, He has fought against the men of Midvaard.  in protecting the forest, his age is around seven hundred.  He can talk to trees and communicate with all things from the forest.

LAARG, Is a wizard from the mountains he knows the trolls and is their ally.  Although he does not fight all that often, he is very wise and has a vast knowledge of things he crops up here and their and has held many a counsel with the trolls.

 GRIMMODHR TROLL, He dwells under the mountains in great caves, that he carved himself.  He has an army of trolls working for him were they make beautiful axes and massive hammers he is gifted with the skills of metals, he spends time on top of the mountain at night were he thinks deeply about all things.

MOORSFEST, The ancient forest, age old trees grow here Sitka, Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan it is a vast place and very dense but it has been plundered by the folk of Midvaard a very old river runs through it deep it is.  Many creatures live here alongside the trolls Goblins, Elves, Wolves they all live in harmony with one another, and are all allied against the folk of Midvaard.  My description of this forest comes from my own imagination, and in part from woodlands and forests that I have visited.
Above is a picture I took of the Northern Lights from March 2011,  I have theory about this in my stories and songs I have written that the trolls and wizards can communicate the Aurora, that it holds information about nature and all things.  As I am writing about otherworldly creatures and beings, and that it helps them in understanding the world
Thank you


Friday, 9 September 2011

This is going to be an update report on my current musical project, I play bass guitar and I currently working on four new songs.  These are Uringar Troll, The Dark of Midwinter, Aurora Borealis, and War on Midvaard.  They are set in a fictional part of the Arctic Circle in a place that I have been developing over the last two years.  The form of my lyrics carries an environmental message the trolls trying to preserve the forests and wilderness and the menfolk of the southern lands disrupting this, so the trolls are at war. 
the places that they dwell at are Moorsfest forest in the eastern corner of the country and the mountain range of Raasvoarsberg situated in the North, with Midvaard on the lower north western part. here is a map that I have drawn I also have included in my songs a lot of descriptions of the northern lights to use them as a form of story telling as this whole world I am trying create comes into being,  The songs are shaping up nicely but it is slow evolving process with editing and changes to the lyrics.  Also during this time I have released a DVD of some of my songs that contain a short film, that was shot on location around the county.