Friday, 23 September 2011

The Tale of the Mountain Troll

This is the full version of this song, I have decided to include all of it in its entirety.  Although this was not included in the recorded version.

Alone on the mountain side, always alone on the mountain side.  Grymmuurh the chieftain troll, borne of rock and stone his fortress the mountain Raasvoarsberg.  He would gaze down upon the valley, where Moorsfest the darkening forest.  Trolls, Goblins, and Wolves hear them upon night fall their cacophonous song.

 Grymmuurh`s long black hair hung over his enormous face, hate in his heart towards man.  An ancient rage within him solitude to be away from the men who plague him Midvaard the timber framed long house a place of evil plotting men, Guthwyn a weak man.

Alone alone on the mountain side the fell troll, always alone on the mountain side.  Solitude the wind his companion, an eerie ethereal sound blows for eternity.  Under the stars and the moon, it glows bright like a sentient ghost. 

Alone forever alone on the mountain side, gazing upon Moorsfest the ancient forest.  Twisted archaic trees deeply rooted in the earth old as time venerable and gracious, Grymmuurh knew the trees talking in their ancient and mysterious language. 

Hidden in a labyrinth of his making, he carved great halls under Raasvoarsberg.  Fires light them up majestic magical.  Grymmuurh`s fortress he would sit on his stone carved throne his goblet always full of troll beer.  Alone alone on the mountain side, the great and fierce mountain troll.

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