Saturday, 10 September 2011

New song is working out well at the moment, have made changes to lyrics and music.  I find song writing a continual evolution.
I want to explain some of the characters that are portrayed in my songs and stories, starting with URRINGAR TROLL.  She is one of the forest trolls, however she does range far and wide around the country, she has a hammer that was made under the mountains of Raasvoarsberg.  By Grimmodhr Troll its handle made of ivory with intricate carvings of runes telling stories of long ago,  She is immense and has been involved in many battles throughout this world and is around five hundred years old.  I have set this world to appear around the Iron Age into  the Dark Ages, to give  a loose timeline.

GLORSON, He is the chieftain troll of the forest Moorsfest, he lives under ground beneath the roots of an ancient Sitka it is cavernous with old carvings on the roots telling his history, He has fought against the men of Midvaard.  in protecting the forest, his age is around seven hundred.  He can talk to trees and communicate with all things from the forest.

LAARG, Is a wizard from the mountains he knows the trolls and is their ally.  Although he does not fight all that often, he is very wise and has a vast knowledge of things he crops up here and their and has held many a counsel with the trolls.

 GRIMMODHR TROLL, He dwells under the mountains in great caves, that he carved himself.  He has an army of trolls working for him were they make beautiful axes and massive hammers he is gifted with the skills of metals, he spends time on top of the mountain at night were he thinks deeply about all things.

MOORSFEST, The ancient forest, age old trees grow here Sitka, Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan it is a vast place and very dense but it has been plundered by the folk of Midvaard a very old river runs through it deep it is.  Many creatures live here alongside the trolls Goblins, Elves, Wolves they all live in harmony with one another, and are all allied against the folk of Midvaard.  My description of this forest comes from my own imagination, and in part from woodlands and forests that I have visited.
Above is a picture I took of the Northern Lights from March 2011,  I have theory about this in my stories and songs I have written that the trolls and wizards can communicate the Aurora, that it holds information about nature and all things.  As I am writing about otherworldly creatures and beings, and that it helps them in understanding the world
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