Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Tale of Grymmuurh the grave mountain troll

This was a spoken word song with music, I did different versions using growly vocals and clean vocals.

From aeons ago borne out of rock and stone, from the mountains from what time tells us the vast range known as Raasvoarsberg.  Hear begins the saga of Grymmuurh an immense mountain troll, strong and powerful and with a vast knowledge of this age old earth of which he was born. 

 There were many conflicts that were settled with bloody violence between men and the trolls, some of these disputes were settled with pledges of silver sought the near the River Sathriin, a nearby farmer called Guthwyn.  Who accused Grymmuurh of stealing his flock, this was met with such indignant disbelief as Grymmuurh`s clan knew Guthwyn to be scheming and devious.  It was agreed that with witnesses they should meet at the edge of the darkening forest Moorsfest  As Guthwyn spoke the sickening lies dripped from his greedy mouth and his cronies jeered, Grymmuurh spoke "enough of your trickery and deceit begone back to your farm"!.  With this Guthwyn cunning goaded the troll, Suddenly Grymmuurh lunged forward with great force.  Guthwyn cowered and fell onto the frozen muddy ground, Squirming and grovelling.  The troll loomed over him his long hair masking his face.  his fathomless eyes wise venerable pierced onto Guthwyn`s, dread was upon him our troll let out a menacing growl, with this Guthwyn fled in terror never to be seen again.   His long house burnt to the ground no trace of him it is believed he went east.  Grymmuurh returned to the mountain with his clan of trolls.

 Much was discussed that night about the problem of men, and their trickery and deceit.  And the constant strife, "war could be one way of dealing with this" said Rythviin, "herd them out"!  "No we must not go that way using their methods" said Grymmuurh we have been here since the very start of all things before the trees and other living things. 

 With this through the cold snowy night came Laarg a wandering soothsayer, wise and sagely.  He was welcomed by the trolls more beer was consumed Laarg talked at length about the way of things, it was betrothed that counsel would be held through out the northern lands to settle this feud.

 Over much time and many counsels pledges were made and for the time peace was restored throughout the lands.

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