Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Here are some more songs from my previous project, but have used two of the songs as they fit the subject matter with which is being sung about.  The first song The Wandering Soothsayer of Outlandish Boots, is a precursor to Laarg`s character.  This song was recorded but never released.



Through many lands and long ago,he tarried seeking knowledge of the earth below his feet.  What strange wonders did it hold?  His tale begins from legends long ago, wandering his quest unfolds.

Upon the mountains to seek wisdom of nature, speaking with and listening of their ancient place snow covered giant ogres.  Steeped in mystery they are keepers of this dark wonder.

Further on he strolled to the forests, many discussions with archaic trees.  An eerie atmosphere in the forest, moss leaves and creatures.  He worked many unfathomable magicks, he learned from the trees.  Which taught him, always listening understanding their true majestic might. Preserving their legacy.

Always wondering deeper searching, his face always in thought a long gray beard long silver hair.  woven robes that covered him he would sit entwined with his surroundings, green dark brown and shades of black.  Alluring and mysterious, he wrote these old secrets on scrolls of parchment.  with his understanding of nature and what its meaning is he alone holds the key, the learned friend of the forest, mountains and trolls, and bears and rivers this stewardship betrothed to him.


Enshrined in mystery, the forest old and grim.  Solid as the earth that holds it in its ancient place.  Oak trees covered this land gnarled ripped and old, rooted menacing grim and proud.  Praised in antiquity when nomadic tribes roamed free living amongst this dense forest.

Holding sagas of yore, upon nightfall the moon emblazoned upon the blackened sky.  The trees illuminated in majestic wonder, stark pure and real but what secrets belie?

But aeons since this esoteric magical time humanity has turned its back on the forest.  It stands bereft and its secrets lost, the trees turn to misanthropy and hatred to mankind. Silent they are, a malevolent force black the time has come into darkness


They ride into the valley on horses from a distant land, the warriors hold on the crest of a hill.  Black clouds hang grim like crows in this dark density of aggression.  The rainfalls from the death like sky upon them, the war horns are sounded they charge forth.

Their enemy waits stood still like stone tyrants, with swords and shields.  The first strikes are made in the blackness of harsh aggression, swords clack the roar of battle.  As the warriors grip on its enemy tightens, blood flows like a sea of misery.  In the valley as the battle goes on dissecting their foe, which has plagued the warriors for aeons.

The aftermath of warfare leaves blood strewn carcasses they are triumphant, the mountains are silent witnesses to this battle they look on in silence knowing they have risen above their torment and can reign their lands evermore.

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