Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Saga of The Forest trolls

This is the lyrics to one of my songs, to give some idea of the message and ideas I am trying to convey with my songs thank you.

In the darkening depths of  moorsfest the ancient forest, shades of green deepen as night descends the trolls of the forest wake from their slumber, as the sun sets a blaze of orange glow.  Fires are lit in their underground layers beneath the roots of the trees, golden light emblazones the might of their archaic home.

Old mythic carvings adorne this woodland throne, Glorson the chieftain troll head of this woodland clan.  Powerful and venerable, his fellow troll`s set out one Midwinter`s night a neptune sky the northern lights twist a mysterious green shimmer, and eerie beauty the troll`s march on.

To Midvaard to ransack this place from men who took from the forest without permission from its ancient keepers, the thieves will pay for their needless error, the troll`s begin to plunder

By MgtrolL 6th April 2010

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