Wednesday, 14 September 2011


This is one of the earliest stories I wrote, when first starting writing songs.  Some of the spellings are different from later drafts.

 From long ago a soothsayer came through time out of memory, Ageless and timeless he brought with him great knowledge, of nature tales of Trolls, Bears, and birds and the vast mountains and trees.  Walking along a well trodden path, he knew well nearly as old as the earth itself.  Ancient trees surrounded him towering above him, deeply rooted giants.  They swayed in a gathering wind he began to speak in a esoteric magical language, that was not known to any man.  He spoke softly and long they would answer in their deep old voices, above the wind spoke its own language.  A haunting chant that could be heard all around sightless and strange, this Laarg knew well he could stand for hours listening and breathing with the winds eerie chants.  Later on many miles into a widening valley at the foot of a voluminous mountain range known in the old speech as Raasvoardberg, lived the troll`s borne out of rock itself.  The chieftain of this group was known as Megrymmoorh a large individual of immense strength and courage.

Out of this short piece I have managed to expand and create songs, although some of the names are different it has given me a good starting point to work from.

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