Saturday, 10 September 2011

Raasvoarsberg Mountains

RAASVOARSBERG MOUNTAINS,  This vast mountain range lies to the northern most point of the earth.  It runs runs along from east to west for approximately four hundred miles.  Its highest peaks are around nine thousand metres,  it is a blackened rock that was carved out during the ice age massive glaciers scoured the earth and formed these voluminous mountains.  To the far north of them is the great north ocean, a vast icy land that no one inhabits.  The sea is frozen for most of the year, it is sparsely populated with troll`s and in the far north east corner a group of witches which have not been written about.  And the wizards of which Laarg is the most well known, throughout these ranges most of this mountain range has been explored by the mountain troll`s and Laarg there are some areas that little is known of.

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