Friday, 9 September 2011

This is going to be an update report on my current musical project, I play bass guitar and I currently working on four new songs.  These are Uringar Troll, The Dark of Midwinter, Aurora Borealis, and War on Midvaard.  They are set in a fictional part of the Arctic Circle in a place that I have been developing over the last two years.  The form of my lyrics carries an environmental message the trolls trying to preserve the forests and wilderness and the menfolk of the southern lands disrupting this, so the trolls are at war. 
the places that they dwell at are Moorsfest forest in the eastern corner of the country and the mountain range of Raasvoarsberg situated in the North, with Midvaard on the lower north western part. here is a map that I have drawn I also have included in my songs a lot of descriptions of the northern lights to use them as a form of story telling as this whole world I am trying create comes into being,  The songs are shaping up nicely but it is slow evolving process with editing and changes to the lyrics.  Also during this time I have released a DVD of some of my songs that contain a short film, that was shot on location around the county.

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