Saturday, 10 September 2011

GRYMMUURH TROLL,  He is another mountain troll, who had many disputes with the men of Midvaard.  One person in particular a man known as Guthwyn.  He was scheming and devious this story is from the early period of the tales of this world, Grymmuurh was accused of stealing Guthwyn`s sheep one cold winter`s day Grymmuurh approaches Guthwyn to settle this dispute, of which the troll was not guilty.  He met with Guthwyn and his men on the edge of Midvaard, Grymmuurh had brought along some of his trolls, a fight broke out and Guthwyn and his men fled in terror.  Never to be seen again, legend has it that he went east and Grymmuurh burnt the long house to the ground, so that the men would learn to respect the ways of troll`s and other mountain and forest creatures.  Midvaard was rebuilt later on were many more battles were fought.

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