Friday, 23 September 2011

The meaning of my name Megrimmtroll

I cam up with the name Megrimmtroll when forming this current project, Megrim is a type of fish.  There are also legends of sea trolls, so I thought this was a good idea Grimm with extra M  comes from my old name Grimmodhr which means Grim Moor from another story that I wrote,  set in the distant past but is not included in any of the songs here.  I was going to use Megrimmwitch However I feel more trolllish and that is were my interests lie in folkloric trolls so I went for Megrimmtroll which I think sounds much better,after all I am a troll  The lyrics are all set in the past.  In a magical world of fantastical creatures, it is trying to capture something from the past as if uncovering something from an excavation.  All my songs are written in a Metal context with that imagery in mind but at the same time I am trying to convey a form of folk tales with a history, between these characters that I have created.

Thank you MgtrolL Autumn Equinox 23rd September 2011

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