Saturday, 31 March 2012


The new unamed song is coming along, I am getting used to playing the riff and have also written more of the story.  I am at the stage were im thinking is worth breaking away from the story and just write the lyrics?  I see though that there is no rush as the song will be shelved for a future release, I do like a long gestation period of writing songs, my reasons for posting today is that the origins of what we are and where we are from.  That whole rooted thing and in this case that of the trolls that I have been writing about over the the last two years, the main theme has been the trolls and other beings protecting their ancient homelands that are being plagued by humans.  The earth is what they are they are part of it and it is part of them, and the trolls know their place and their history in all that they do.  I try to convey this in the songs something that has evolved over time and that is ancient, in the context of Gloomy Glum Troll who draws magics from the earth taking what he needs to make these draughts that have been crafted over long periods of time, in this song I hope to put as much information as possible to put across the meaning of how this world works among the trolls and their allies.  How they use the resources that are around them, so it looks like it could be a long song but it is still very much in the primary stages of development.  I do tend to edit as songs progresses.
 It will be interesting to see how all this evovles over the next few months.

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