Saturday, 31 December 2011


This time of year is one that I really like, the dark the low light, snow frost it is a sleepy time.  But it holds something special for me!  There is the wonder of the past, as I am a believer of stories of troll`s.  What were their beliefs and customs and philosphies of this time of year, what sort of stories were told?  I find this interesting to add depth to my own stories and lyrics, the above picture is of the burning yule log from 22nd December and the rebirth of the sun.  Did troll`s hold a similar belief?  The atmosphere of midwinter is of sharp contrasts the sounds, the general look of the earth.  Wonderful colour golden shades across the moors a rough and rugged landscape, the sky a mix of dark shadows and light washed looking. Looking at the whole broad spectrum of folklore and tales that can be yielded at this time of year, of troll`s and other fantastical creatures written in a midwinter setting.  A lot of my own songs and tales reflect on this time of year, often using the northern lights as a familiar back drop which is again fascinating.  As troll`s go about their activities, and are also inspired by the magical light that hangs from above, hopefully more songs will be written in the new year.
Happy New Year
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta 

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