Sunday, 23 October 2011


As we are in this part of the year, I like to think about it more now.  It is my favourite time of year I enjoy the low sun and the light of this time of year, looking out over the heather it looks like a giant crumble stretched out before me rich colour golden browns on a vast and rugged landscape, I find it all inspiring from a song writing perspective although the muse is not upon me at the moment.  I am the sort of writer who needs ideas floating around my head for a few days before I can create stories, I cannot force ideas there has to be something there to start with,  I have one writer who said that this is a ruff Quote "the reason for writers block is that writers do not want to right anything bad" or words to that effect, and I have to agree.  Not that I am the best of writers but the process of writing lyrics is a nice thing to do and if I have ideas the autumn is a great time of year to do so.   I do like to play and record this time of the year.  There is something special about Autumn and recording especially with Folk Black Metal, the whole atmosphere I  feel is very good. My songs are coming along well at the moment I went through a bad patch of being in the woods but have come out playing much better,  The picture below has inspired some of my songs.  From and environmental point of view although I will in time to include more Troll Tales from this area

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