Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This tells the story of Orn who was the troll wife of Uffwggsar, she came from The Raasvoarsberg Mountains.  She was very striking in her look tall with long brown hair, she had deep green eyes.  She was betrothed to Uffwggsar during a time of great conflict between the witches of the far western reaches of the mountains, Orn was not involved in battle her skills lied in spells and magicks.  She could produce strong intoxicating draughts and was very powerful with these gifts that she had procured over time,  she is around six hundred and fifty.  These spells have been used in battle between the folk of Midvaard,  this leaving them in a deep trance for a long time.  While the troll`s take down buildings to hinder Guthwyn and is men, she lives in Moorsfest with Uffwggsar in a cavernous dwelling below a massive Sitka.

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