Thursday, 6 October 2011


This is one of the forest troll`s who accompanied Glorsorn on his many battles against Midvaard, He is one of the elder troll`s in these tales Uffwggsar.  Lived on the western edge of the great forest Moorsfest, he was very strong and fearsome and fought in many battles over hundreds of years.  He is aged roughly at about nine hundred, He had long flaming red hair like the setting sun.  With him at all times he carried two immense hammers that were made by the great blacksmith Grimmodhrtroll, in the cavernous mountain smithies.  He was tall with a long snout and tail and piercing dark brown eyes, as well as fighting alongside Glorsorn he lead many campaigns himself.  Some from minor skirmishes to major battles fought on the plains south of The Raasvoarsberg mountains,  when not in war he lives in relative seclusion, occasionally meets with other troll`s and Glorsorn for seasonal festivals.  He hunts with great skill and is an excellent archer as well,  he lives with Orn his troll wife.  Who comes from the far north east range of Raasvoarsberg.

The setting sun and the snowy trees, help reflect the images in the stories that I am trying to tell.

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