Saturday, 1 October 2011

Troll`s playing guitars

I would like to talk about the whole thing of playing Folk Black Metal, when I am playing my songs I become the character MgtrolL in developing my vocals and to playing my bass.  I find that I must be completely focused on the music and lyrics, so that I am MgtrolL the music is trying to describe something otherworldly.  So getting the right pitch for performing must be right, it takes quite a lot to sing and play like this!  The world is one of fiction so it is good to let go and be absorbed in the story telling, massive old forests, and ancient lands and troll`s.  It takes a long time to get the music to a level that I am happy with.  As dexterity when playing his hindered by my clumsiness, so I have to really work at this constantly.  Being dyslexic is part of it  when playing even though the song structure is very simplistic it still takes time to get it right.  Also editing songs and music to make sure it is of a quality that I am happy with.

The whole thing with troll`s I find this such a excellent form of subject matter for discussion, it is great to write about such things.  I like the process of creating this world with its fantastical characters,creating the geography and the landscape to make it all more believable.  I am still in the process of working on this.  Which is good as it is an evolving process that I shall work over time, other character and story lines will appear Which will in turn help write new songs and music.

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