Friday, 21 December 2012

Dark Time


Soft snow was falling from a windless sky, over the magical ancient forest of Moorsfest.  It made it look like a mountain range, as the old trees where bearing down under the weight of the snow, it looked beautiful almost as if the trees were sleeping.  Deep within the forest there was a silence, as troll`s and other forest inhabitants went about their nocturnal business.  Urringår was out hunting with a group of eager troll`s she was skilled in hunting and warfare, but this time her prey was of a different kind.  She led the way through many well-worn tracks in pursuit of her catch.  This was for the Midwinter Solstice feast that would be held in the lair of Glørson where much mead & ale would be drunk as part of the feasting, the snow still fell overhead however the troll`s did not notice under the dark canopy of tree cover.  To the north the mountains of Räasvoarbörg could not be seen as heavy large flakes fell from the dark brooding sky, that was still and solid looking.  Along the plain travelled Gloomy Glum Troll our historian and emissary to the wizards of the mountains, he waded through deep powdery snow on a well-worn route that only he knew.  These counsels held mainly with Laarg discussed many things and dealings in their lands, on he trudged as snow covered him his hair long wet across his face.  This did not bother him he was strong and could walk for extremely long periods of time, his woven cloak white and heavy with snow.  After many hours the snow began to ease and stop falling, as time went on the weighted clouds parted onto a clear sky pendulous and deep.  A bright moon shone down upon the winter landscape, hoarfrost began to form glittering and sparkling like tiny fairy lights.  Up overhead the aurora began emerge haunting as it gently wavered above soft green and blue light dancing in the fathomless sky…


This has happened quite unplanned I have been working on new versions of Aurora Borealis & The Dark of Midwinter, it is unclear whether or not that this will be released or not.  If so it will be put out sometime in the future, these songs are available as a download at the moment.  However it was my intention to put them out as a DVD release, during the time when I was originally working on these tracks a lot of time had elapsed so I decided to just put them out as a download.  This seemed to be the best option, however I am unfortunately prone to change my mind after thinking about this for a time, made the decision to redo two of the songs.  Once again I have been working with paintings I have done and wood, which is hoped to create a backdrop and to illustrate the message that is being conveyed with the songs.  These versions are very raw and distorted, I have mucked about with the controls on my amp to give it that old decaying sound and I pleased with the results so far.   And finally as it is midwinter Onnellinen Sydäntalven Seisaus

NOTE# This was intended to be a more researched based piece however I decided to just write s short piece of a glimpse into the stories I am telling in my songs, and in this instant it is midwinter so just some general ideas of what this time of year would be like in the ancient lands of Moorsfest.  My original idea was to look at midwinter celebrations in Anglo Saxon & Finnish contexts, but I thought something of my own would work better.  As this is one aspect of my interests, if I had added these themes it might confuse things best keep different veins of interest separate.  As my songs are all works of fiction.

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