Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Troll`s & Autumn

We shall start this entry with this “Star Snot” this was believed to be from meteors flying through space, and the debris that falls off.  If I remember correctly, this is also incorrect as it turns out that it is the remains of what foxes cannot digest. 
 However to get my own folkloric spin on things and as I wish it to be, evidence of troll`s or what I would term a troll simply blowing his or her nose.  When they are going about their nocturnal business, I can imagine this happening.  Under a clear night sky in winter time these giant creatures in their natural surroundings among forests and mountains, I have thought about this for sometime and have wanted to add these ideas to my whole belief in troll`s.
 So again trying to add such as it is some fictional evidence, as my stories & lyrics are set in a fictional past.  But I feel it is good to look at something tangible, that gives the tales some form of clout and weight and helps conjure up what this all may look like.  As I guess if asked different people would give a different description of what troll`s look like, and how for instance someone reading this would imagine a troll.  Its like the stories and what folk see when reading lyric sheets, and where their imagination takes them on a visual journey through someone else’s mind.
  I have the same thoughts when I read other peoples lyrics or books, and how I interpret things, which makes story telling a lot of fun.  The place I have been creating is very vivid in my own mind and the characters, and this is something I have tried to be consistent in every song or story written.  So that it fits as all the tales interact with one another and there are connections between the folk in the stories.

Autumn is my favourite time of year frost low sun, and a rash of wonderful colour and light.  All very inspiring browns, coppers, reds, and oranges are all present within the landscape.  Giving such a rich and unique look frosts and snow add something magical too, glittering light sparkles across a winter landscape.  Once again these are all things that help to inspire me, and at the moment being outdoors is really good.

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