Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Audio Versions it Has Been a Long Long Time


At long last I have finally been able to record some audio versions of my songs, it has been a long time coming.  Admittedly my first demo was intentionally a DVD release, after this the second demo should have been a CD.  However things did not go how I had intended, glitches and gremlins in my computer put the kiabosh on this so we had to rethink i.e. another DVD release.  This is also attributed to my lack of computer knowledge, however I was generally pleased with how the last demo went.  Things went how I had wanted them to go with regard to working with visuals, and believe I have taken this as far as I would like.  I would not like to be someone who just releases DVDS, I became determined to put out a CD this recording is pretty lo fi and was recorded on an mp3 player.  But the end result has turned out okay and everything is clear with regard to my vocals bass and drums, an earlier take was drenched by bass and could only just here my vocals and the drums were completely lost, due to volume I do like an archaic sounding bass crumbling and distorted but this was too loud.  Overall though this is in the right area of how I like the sound to be, so after many years I have managed to put a CD out.  Just some logistical stuff to sort out then we will release it.

The songs are The Dark of Midwinter & Aurora Borealis these are already out as video downloads, however I think audio versions of songs take on a different aspect to music.  So although these songs are not new they are in a different format, and would have been put out as a CD, which was the original intention.  Although War on Midvaard  & UrringĂ„r Troll will not be included as over time these songs just did not feel right.

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