Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Dawn over Moorsfest as Midsummer approaches, birds high in the trees sing many songs a deep and vast chorus emits.  A beautiful cacophony different species all-communicating as the sunrises, a fiery orange creeps over the land.  This time of year the trolls keep their activities to a low, but nonetheless they go about their business.  With the exception of Snø Troll who had largely retreated into himself and seldom ventured out from his lair, which was under an enormous Oak on the western side of the forest.  He was indeed becoming part of the earth, however it was heading towards the Midsummer festival.  Of which most trolls and other dwellers of the forest would part take in, the many shades of green amongst the many different varieties of trees that were in Moorsfest. Rich and vibrant everything was alive many sounds deep in the trees, at this time of year whereas in the winter the quite was of an equal beauty.  The warm summer air the smell of pollen and the wild fruit of the forest was in abundance, the trolls lived a rich life in this canopy of the trees.  The previous nights hunting had been successful a deer had been caught and was being prepared for the Midsummer feast, ale and mead had been brewed for this occasion the mead was clear and golden the ale dark.  This represented the turning of the year to the dark side.  Over on the plain the noise and filth of Midvaard permeated, the ongoing battle continued… Still life carried on with this band of ancient forest trolls.

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