Sunday, 24 March 2013

Quantum Physics and Music

Something got me on this train of thought; it was the film “Source Code”.  And the whole subject of quantum physics, and how this works.  What I want to discuss here is in relation to music, looking at theories and how to apply it to music.  Not just the motion of playing an instrument, although that is of interest but the idea of as Terry Pratchett puts it.  “The trousers of time”.  Which is what has made me think about this in relation to my own musical journey all these years, and what lead me to this type of music.  Not just writing and playing but my overall decision to play a very minimalist form of Black Metal, and I think this is were quantum comes in my choice of minimalism.  Say for instance if I had taken lessons or perhaps taught myself bass guitar would the outcome of what I have done over the last decade be different?  And what would I be like as a person due to such changes?  Its these pivotal choices that sets one off on all these odd expeditions in life or in this case a musical quest, I feel that even when playing and when things go wrong i.e. a bad note coming from a sudden scrambled thought process can upset part of a song.  So if my thoughts were more controlled a different end result may have been achieved… or maybe not can it be suggested that quantum physics effects everything we do?  It is like when the creative flow has somewhat dried up and one feels that there is no motion and nothing can done, it is not like I am still through out this period of inactivity but musically I am.  Picking up a pencil and re writing a song from over thirty years ago, which I have been doing these last few days.  So does this set quantum off again?  To pick up on something from long ago a song in fact that was originally recorded in 1981, its on tape and is stored but now I would like to tap into this again and to experiment with it.  Just to see what the outcome would be, it would seem the possibilities to theorise with this are endless.  Where will it end and to think there are musicians all over the world creating their own sounds in their own vacuum of creativity, experimenting with new ideas and the theory behind music and the need for it too! All this activity and motion of music at different tempos and styles, in this piece I am more over looking at Metal Music.  To keep it in the right ball park as it were. 

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