Saturday, 13 April 2013

Old lyrics and other things

I did cover some of this in my previous blog, about a rewrite of an old song that is thirty odd years old.  Upon listening to the demo I really like the riff of the track, and yes I admit the lyrics did need some fleshing out of the subject, as the song itself was not saying much.  However looking back at my fourteen-year-old self, I thought I had written a good song.  I clearly had not, so… a rewrite was the best option, I have taken the spirit of the song and added more stories.  The setting is Medieval about a castle with dark secrets, which where not properly explored in the original.  The topics used here are murder and conspiracy, and a queen who waits to go to The Black Castle song title and the story unfolds.  I wanted to create
Something that appears mysterious and strange, but the ending and the leaves questions hanging so maybe other songs may be written.  It is away from what I normally write about but I just liked it and think it may work in a future release.

The other two songs dwell in the realms of trolls which has been discussed herein, the first accounts another battle between The trolls of Moorsfest and the men of Midvaard, I like these sort of songs were battle creeps up here and there, the second song tells of the frozen lands in the far north beyond The Räasvoarbörg mountains about the most northerly trolls who live on the frozen lands near the great lake Värll.  This part of the ancient lands has not been mentioned in great detail so it is good to be able to start to include them.

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