Monday, 10 June 2013

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This discussion is going to look at death as an addition to the stories and lyrics that I have been talking about, in this blog over the last year or so.  I have realised that a death like figure has been missing from this fictional fantasy world of trolls, so I am going to look at its inclusion.  We have Laarg the wizard who is allied to the trolls and the other forest and mountain creatures, but an overall taker of life as not yet been placed.  This otherworldly being would be of a rustic nature cloaked in furs and ancient materials that make it look an old and ancient force in this world, who would be present here and there travelling the land and collecting.  It would not look like Death, as we know it, with the black cloak & skull face.   It will as a part of the earth with an ethereal sound slowly moving around, who is also an emissary between the two worlds communicating so not just a taker of life but knowledgeable as well spanning many epochs of time.  And would also be an allied with the trolls,  this character will be varied and not just about death.  So a little like shape changing beings that sort of thing.

Also have stumbled across a new riff for one of the songs I mentioned in my previous post, after a break from playing have got something to work on.  It is still very much in the development stage with regard to the music and lyrics, so this will be a long process as I have two more songs that need riffs too.  More on this as it progresses.

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