Monday, 21 October 2013

Introduction about more stuff

Well it is nearly time to start work on Megrimmtroll`s next cd, due to a load of things going wrong with my computer.  This had been on hold for a while, first I have changed my name to Rasvaa Peikko used to be MgtrolL.  Am
However that is an abbreviation of Megrimmtroll`s, so I thought it was high
Time to change.  I feel that having a name similar to the band name is a little confusing, although I   have thought that they should be linked, as it is I.  I have reconsidered this, and it will not be the first time that I have changed my name.  Originally I was known as Violent Pissy Desakrator, A name given to whilst on an excavation.  This was then abbreviated to Desakrator, and then it was Grimmodhr.  So it is like evolving over time, but I will stick with Rasvaa Peikko! 

Well I have done some vocal recording of vocals to get things started, and to see how things sound.  As it has been a while since I last practised my vocals, using a Snowflake Blue mic.  It does give a good overall sound, so there is clearness to the production on things.  I was pleased with how things worked on the previous demo, with its rough edge and scratchy sound.  With I would like to have a clean sound, just to keep things varied, I will also record all sessions to keep a log of my progress as things go.  I have tried this with previous demos however they were videos. And it’s not the same as audio, which was what I wanted to do, after the first demo, which was a DVD.  I will start things in early November.

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